Don't You See My Love For You?

You give me plenty of your tasks and chore,
You tightly hug me, you gently kiss me,
You tell me that in the end I will see.
Through all that I still love you even more,
Even though your body I'll never explore,
Every sight of you fills me with such glee,
Every touch of you cause my heart to flee,
Don't ever let time change, I so implore.
But you stray when I call and come too near,
You don't respond when I admit my love.
I, who fears nothing at all, am afraid,
And my dreams reveal to me my dark fear.
You still fly high in the sky like a dove.
You don't adore everything that I bade.

Wherever is it that you come dancing,
That everything you do and say is nice?
That you fill my life with such lovely spice?
I'm mad about the way you spin and sing,
I'm crazy for that way you come prancing…
Into my life and burn away my vice.
For you I'd fall, for you I'd throw the dice.
I just want to love you, you pretty thing.
Even though I know you may not reflect,
My emotions on that silver platter,
I hope you shall keep on moving with me.
You say I'm awesome and I don't neglect,
You know you can drop me without shatter,
But your spirit forever wanders free.

When I glance your way you smile right away,
I give every moment for your kind smile.
For it I'd jump a car or run a mile.
Just so you'd be happy and make my day.
I'll do as you wish without any delay,
I have no intent of anything vile,
I just want to rest in your arms awhile.
And hold you forever where you there lay.
Alas you deserve someone more alike,
Not someone with odd standards of himself,
But someone with the righteous ones instead.
You need someone who knows just what you like,
Your body, mind, and soul needs of yourself.
You don't want to love me, I think you said.