 Pandora and Her Box 

Their once was a girl of lets say one and twenty

Here looks were good and were of plenty.

For she was of the god king born

Though not to her mother he was sworn.

A box was given to her soon

Which was not to be opened or she was doomed.

She one day found the pull to strong

And fled to the box and threw the thong.

The lid flew high and to her surprise

All the world's troubles were held inside.

They all streaked out in a rush of fury

Old age, and death and costs to bury.

And finally when the dash was through

Hope was still there as good as new.

She found the tie and sealed it shut

So hope as it was would never give up.

So remember when the pull is too strong

Retie the knot that holds the thong.

The thing to remember sure as that;

Curiosity killed the cat.

They say that satisfaction brought it back

But do you think Pandora liked all that?