Diary of a Freak

By RomanceJunkie3


I remember the first day that I met him crystal clear.

I sat down on one of the brick planters outside Laughlin High, gazing at the baby blue sky, wondering how Lexie could manage talking that fast. I swear she was probably talking a word every second, rambling on about how she got asked out by Lucas Cox and how hot he and his friend, Steve Hart, were.

"I don't see how 'hot' these guys are." I started making little quotation marks with my fingers, "I mean they can't be all that great, they're just guys."

"More like gods Angie. Damn it, these guys are downright gorgeous." She fluttered her fake eyelashes, looking dazed, her cheeks blushing a deep russet; "You'll know it when you see them. Trust me."

"I bet they're just being way, way over exaggerated, I mean even Lyndsey said they were really hot."

Her face darkened when I mentioned Lyndsey, "Do you still talk to her?"

"Yeah, what's wrong with Lyndsey? She's nice."

She rolled her eyes, "Well for one she's freaking walking advertisement for boob jobs who's probably already slept with all the jocks on the football team and not to mention she's the freaking most popular girl in this Hicksville town you call Laughlin.

I fell silent, after all Lyndsey is my friend…I think.

"Angie, Lyndsey's only using you. In fact she uses everyone. Don't get hurt by her." She paused, "Lyndsey's no good. Stay away from her and all the people she hangs out with."

I started to get angry, Lexie was only mad because she's jealous that I have a lot of popular friends, after all Lyndsey IS my friend. She told me so. I stood up frustrated, "Look! You don't even know Lyndsey and so then why are you ragging on her?"

Her face flushed, and she started clenching her fists, "I know for a fact that I know Lyndsey a lot better than you. So I would watch it if I were you. I mean after what she did to me, I should know her a lot better than you." With a huff she got up and stormed towards (who I guessed was) Lucas and her friends from the cheerleading squad. Yeah, Lexie is a cheerleader and come to think about it, she used to be best friends with Lyndsey and hates her like hell. No wonder she got pissed off, but still.

Anyways come to think about it Lexie's actually a lot more popular than me or anyone in our little group. She's the only Asian cheerleader on the squad (Yeah! Power!), has probably won the literary writing contest like 5 times, and is also in Advanced Calculus, in other words Lexie is perfect. And sometimes I resent her so much for that, god I mean I'm total opposite of that. Unpopular, a nerd who's not even smart, no friends except for Lexie, Abby, and Janet (Oh. Cross Lexie off the list), and not to mention that I have a weight problem and just being too lazy to work it off, let's put it this way…. I'm a big, fat loser. God and I am such a freaking idiot! Lexie's my only way into popularity and social acceptance and now she's all pissed off at me and I'll be invisible once again soon enough.

As I was verbally abusing myself, I must have dropped my Algebra book on the ground and not have taken notice because next thing I know there's a light tap on my shoulder. Whirling around I sourly barked, "What the hell do you want?"

I must have scared him a little when I decided to become a bitchy crab, but when I turned around my eyes almost fell out. His messed up black hair looked like he just gotten out of bed, as his soft brown eyes twinkled at me, I hope I wasn't drooling, because it must have been Adonis himself.

"Umm…is this your book?" He asked cautiously, I must have really frightened him with my bitch act, but damn his voice is sexy too.

"Yeaahh." I stuttered, my face turning crimson, "Thanks."

"No prob." He flashed his pearly white teeth at me; they kind of reminded me of the little animated teeth that danced around on the dentist's T.V. while I waited for him, what am I saying? Animated teeth? What the hell?

Oh shit he's leaving, say something quick you idiot, "Hi I'm Angie!" Great. So smooth. I am such a dumbass.

He looked back for a second and grinned, "I'm Steve. See you around, huh?"

I really hope I just didn't melt into a puddle at his feet, wait what did he say his name was? Steve? Steve Hart? THE STEVE HART?!!?

As he stalked off casually, I mentally kicked myself. How stupid could I be? Jesus! I mean the guy could model for Abercrombie and I was being a total bitch to him but yet… he was still sweet to me! Holy crap and I started comparing his teeth to animation. This is soooo embarrassing. I feel like crawling into a whole. I couldn't even freaking talk right! But wait…he said he'd see me around! Oh my god. He wants to see me again! Maybe I wasn't as big of a freak as I thought I was! Oh my god, I have to tell Lexie!

(Author Note: Sorry, it may not make all that much sense because I'm kind of rushing it but I think you should get the idea sort of. Not my best work but whatever, I'm failing English anyways, but my goal is to get at least 20 reviews at the end of this story! So please read and review! Oh and by the way this is my first story!And yes it is very very dorky)