Rest in Peace

A tribute to the tsunami victims.

By Lara Chin


They took me away

Terrified- I'm all alone

Is it the end yet?


I see light ahead

Running fast -I stop-dead end

This was all a trick!


I hear loud voices

Calling, searching-wait I'm here!

Don't leave me, please don't.


My loved ones -they cry

Touching them, I bid farewell

For now I will rest.


The tsunami disaster hit South Asia on 26 December 2004. Many innocent lives were lost. And many are still missing. On 3 January 2005, the death toll surpasses 130,000. The highest number is in Bandar Aceh in Indonesia. Let us all pray for them. Think about the men, women and children who need care and support. Think about those who have not eaten or drank anything in days. Some of them even lost their homes and have no where else to go. May the missing ones be found and be reunited with their families. And may the ones who left the world rest in peace.