"Some days I wonder why I hang around

Why I bother to exist

To take another breath, and another

Then he smiles at me

And I get this feeling in the pit of my stomach

So wonderful

So hard to describe

He knows without hearing a word

Can see it all through blind eyes

Ocean blue and thoughtful green

He withstands it all

Survives me

And Lord, sometimes he makes me so crazy!

All twisted up inside


And I don't know whether to scream or cry

Such an exquisite feeling

Nothing moves me like his voice in my ear

Promises whispered in the dark

Nothing shakes me like his lips against mine

Tiny secrets that only we share

Our love---so wonderful

The ups and the downs

The tears and the blood

The good and the bad and things in between.

From our loss we gained---

---so much more than we ever thought.

This crazy life

Our messed up world;

So beautiful

So chaotic---

---So wonderful."