"Faded memories

Empty Polaroids of things that used to be

With the title

"Happiness is for Dreamers"

Scribbled in crude black ink

Atop imaginary people

That never truly existed in the first place

And blessed is the confusion of the one that is ignored

They always said she was "beautifully broken"

So the world spins

And the children laugh

Thinking it all a game

But the blue eyes cry

Tears of aqua and navy

Yet invisible to everyone, save the mirror

She's used to hiding anyway

Permanent marker scrawled across the ceiling

Glaring red in the moonlight from the open window

The howling wind reflects her cries as it dries the words

"DON'T hesitated to SPEAK

I see the words as the FALL from your lips

---you nEVER LOVEd me---"