1The wings of knowing came

and woke me up

from my sleep.

They carried me above

the mountains and

displayed the world.

At first all I saw

was green earth

and blue water.

But the wings pointed

toward the earth to show me

what the world is made of.

They showed me the countries


of starvation.

They pointed towards the smoke

and ultra violet fays falling

upon clouded lakes.

They opened my eyes toward

the wars that have been

going on for countless years.

They displayed the people

killing for

a few coins.

They whispered of the diseases

sweeping through towns

like fire on hay.

They reinforced the forests

falling to

metal blades.

They showed me streets

as dark and cold as the arctic

where people lived.

Then they pointed once more

to the blue and green earth

now a black color, with pain.

Then they took me down to our


dying planet.

To the once paradise

of a


They took me back

before leaving to show another

what our world is made of.