Chapter 1

Dametra walked in the dark building. The only sound she heard were her own footsteps as they echoed.

She turned the corner. A corpse lay on the ground directly in front of her. Her gun was in her hand as she stepped over the corpse and continued on her way.

All she had to do was exterminate the vampire and locate her fellow team members and she could go home and sleep. Sleep was something she didn't get to often.

A sound. She lifted up her gun and slowly approached the place where the sound had come from. Her feet moved in a more silent, and graceful way, so her heels no longer made noise.

Her gun was loaded and she was ready for anything, or so she thought. She took a long, deep breath and swung around the corner.

She stopped herself from shooting. It was Seth.

"What are you trying to do?!" Seth whispered loudly. "We are hunting vampires, not each other!"

Dametra lowered her gun. "Sorry."

"Yeah, I bet you are!"

She ignored him and walked down the hall that he was just coming out of.

"There's nothing that way." Seth said to her.

"But there is nothing except a corpse down that hall." She replied. "Plus, it couldn't hurt to check again."

Seth sighed. "Okay. Let's go." He then followed Dametra down the hall.


They prowled around silently, looking for the vampire that had killed more then its share of people.

"Where's Mimi?" Dametra asked Seth.

"I ditched her." Seth replied. "She annoys me."

"You're so immature."

"Where's Tanner?"

"He ditched me."

"I guess I'm not the only immature one here then"

Dametra did not reply. She just continued to walk down the hall, her heels tapping against the ground every time she took a step. The vampire could sense them if they did get near him, and Dametra new that, so there was no need to be stealthy.

Suddenly they heard a gun shot, and another one after that. Within a few seconds they heard someone scream. Dametra recognized the scream to belong to Mimi. Seth took off down the hall, towards the scream, and Dametra quickly followed.

After running for not even a few seconds, Dametra heard a noise. There was someone running towards them.

Mimi ran past Seth and Dametra as she ran the opposite direction that they were running.

Before Dametra realized it, she had been hit with a blast of energy which knocked her back a few feet and land hard on the floor. It was a mental blast that had come from the vampire; the blast hit her in the chest and stomach area. The pain was tremendous; it felt like her chest was caving in. She hit the floor and the wind was knocked out of her. She laid there motionless and unconscious.

Seth shot at the vampire numerous times. Each time failed miserably. The vampire dodged and blocked each shot.

By then Mimi had returned and was also shooting. She stood in front of the fallen Dametra, and tried her best to protect her.

Dametra fell unconscious.


The vampire was dead when Dametra awoke. Tanner had shown up and shot the vampire from behind. He was constantly saving them like that.

Dametra's whole body ached. Mostly her chest and head hurt. She had a huge headache and it hurt when she breathed.

"Dametra, are you okay?" Mimi asked with her French accent which was music to Dametra's ringing ears.

"I'm fine." Dametra replied as she managed to stand up.

"Let's go then." Tanner said coldly as he walked off into the shadows.

Once he was gone Mimi couldn't help but say her opinion. "I hate him! He is so mean and rude!!" She did that every time Tanner said something that offended her.

Dametra ignored it and so did Seth. They were used to it by now. So they just walked in the direction that Tanner had gone and soon found their way to the car. Tanner was sitting in the driver's seat and had the car running. Seth tried to get in the front seat but Mimi made it there first so he got in the back with Dametra. Within an hour they were home.