Chapter 31

Dametra awoke as her body hit the floor. She scrambled to her feet; her neck throbbing with pain. Her vision was blurry; she felt dizzy not to mention sick. By the time she had made it into the bathroom she had lost all of her balance and fell to the cold tile floor.

For a moment she thought she was going to vomit but she didn't. She simply lay on the floor in the spot that she had fallen to. Small droplets of sweat ran over her skin. Her skin felt like it was on fire. But soon she had calmed down and she was beginning to feel well once again.

Slowly she rose to her feet and looked at herself in the mirror. Examining her neck she didn't find any traces of a wound… or bite mark.

"It was just a dream…" Dametra tried to tell herself. Her voice was confident and stern; the exact opposite of what she was really feeling. "The intense emotion of the dream caused you to feel the pain of the bite and bullet. This happens frequently after a nightmare…" She continued to remind herself of the many times she had a nightmare and woke up in pain. Even though the pain she had felt in her previous nightmares weren't as intense: The emotion in this nightmare was far greater.

Dametra gently washed her face with cold water before she left the bathroom. It was then she realized how late in the day it was. The sun had already set in the horizon and Dametra's apartment was full of foreboding shadows and darkness. In a small panic, she quickly turned the hall light on. Her nightmare had left her partially high-strung and the dark made her nervous. After turning on most of the lights in her apartment; she went into the kitchen to get food and a drink to restore the energy she had lost from the emotional strain that her nightmare had caused.

On her way to the kitchen she passed her phone. The light on the answering machine was blinking. Dametra pressed the button to listen to the message.

At first there wasn't any sound then finally someone spoke. "Dametra… I'm sorry…" It was Mimi's voice. "You were just trying to help me out, and I realize that now… Call me back… please…" She then hung up.

Dametra stared at the machine for a few seconds then she picked up the phone. She was in the middle of dialing Mimi's phone number, and then she realized that Mimi might still be at the SNCE base and began to wonder if she would have her cell phone on. Not wanting to take a chance, Dametra hung up and decided to get something to eat first.

And that's exactly what she did.

After getting something to eat and drink, Dametra stared at the phone for the longest time. She was debating on whether she should call Mimi or not. Eventually she decided that she wasn't going to. She wasn't in a good mood at the moment and simply didn't feel like talking to Mimi.

Being alone in her apartment helped Dametra think about everything that had happened to her the last few days. She thought a lot about Tanner and Pierce. Especially how the man had told her that they were fighting about her… or perhaps they were fighting over her. Dametra pushed that thought from her mind. She couldn't even imagine being a couple with either of the two. It would only cause problems if Tanner and she would get together; and it would cause even more problems if it were Pierce she became a couple with.

Dametra suddenly wanted to know if it was true or not. She wanted to know if Tanner and Pierce were really fighting over her. And the only way she could know the truth is if she asked one of them. She had already tried to talk to Pierce and failed to so that left her with one choice.

Soon she was changing into warmer clothes, because she knew it was going to be colder outside at this time. And she prepared to pay Tanner a visit.

She hesitated but soon realized that she had no other choice but to drive there. Of course she had a car, not a very nice one, but it was a car. And of course she also had a driver's license; she just disliked driving, especially at night. But if she didn't drive now then she would have to walk to Tanner's place in the cold, dark night. So in other words she really had no choice but to drive.

So she did. The whole way there she was on the edge of her seat, ready to slam on the breaks if she needed to. A few times she did slam on the breaks but they were only false alarms.



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