Dreams are usually misty, fragments of our fantasies.

They can show us anything, let us be something we're not.

The dream I had last night

Tortured me so.

My dream, a different world in my sleeping head,

Was so clear and wonderful.

I was there, with a boy.

We talked, and he seemed so real.

And then, my dream world became better than the real one.

He leaned over, and kissed me on the lips.

It was brief, but it was the most wonderful new experience of love for me.

I couldn't believe the love I felt in that kiss.

In the real world nothing had matched to it.

It was so amazing, that my heart burst

And I wanted to be trapped in that dream forever.

But that climax was ripped away,

As I woke back into the real world.

And I had to tell myself that the kiss had never happened.

My heart has never ached so,

And I cannot forget the love I was given a taste of.

It was the greatest second of love I have ever felt,

Though it's only a dream.