I finally typed up what I had written of chapter 5 so far, and I was going to post that, but I figured that I wanted to finish teh chapter befor eposting anything, it's only 5 pages long right now, and there are a few more things I want to cover before I wrap it up. I think this chapter, has a few good things, that are going to be fun, so I will now leave anyone who is interested with a short excert, well two short excerts one of Kayden and one of Liam.

This one is Kayden's:

"Sorry sweetie but you're going to have to get out of bed so I can finish cleaning and you should probably get dressed, seeing as Prince Liam's sister expect you in the other room by noon, I mean unless you want to meet them in your current state, I am pretty sure they would be must accommodating." Kayden looked down at her current state, and realized that she was completely naked, yet again. She was so concerned about covering herself, that she almost did not realize that the grandma had said Liam, presumably the strange man, was a prince.

And Liams:

"Well, my dear," Liam turned towards the sword; he had a tendency of talking to his possessions when under considerable amounts of stress,

"It is time to face the music, it has been a must enjoyable morning, but I am afraid that I have pressing matters that I must attend to immediately. And now I must bid you adieu, my little tulip." Liam placed his sword back on the wall in its proper place and then started the long journey back to his parent's quarters.