Chapter One –

It was a stunning summer day, in my small hometown. Everyone it seemed was outside enjoying the sunshine that day. I, myself, was enjoying the day in the company of my two closest friends, Samoan and Lori. We were walking and carrying on, just having an all around grand time.

But, as we were walking past the courthouse, we noticed something strange about a woman. She was carrying three enormous, cotton candy pink staves, with fist sized black orbs lodged into the head of the staffs.

All of a sudden, like a herald of trumpets, Samoan shouted, " I've seen that woman before!"

I shaking the ringing out of my ears replied, "Where?"

As calm as day she answered, "In a dream I had."

Then, I stammered out, " You, you, you've had her in a dream before too. How 'bout you Lori, have you had a dream with her in it too?"

Lori distractedly said, "Yeah, and she was doing the same thing in my dream, as she's doing right now."

Samoan and I whip around and looked at the woman. She was placing the staves into the ground in front of the courthouse with the heads of the staves with the black orbs sticking out, and in the shape of a triangle as well.

Suddenly I burst out "She was a sorceress in my dream."

They reply in unison, "She was a sorceress in my dream too."

We all stared at each other for what felt an eternity. Then back the woman again, but something was different, she was taller, as in eight feet tall now! Her eyes glowed like the fires of hell, and she was wearing a gown of what could only be called darkness and damnation.

I gasped, "We have to stop her if this continues on as our dreams, cause I don't like how the dream ends up."

Lori confirmed, "She'll take over the world by turning everyone into animals. We have to break at least one staff to stop this from happening."

Then where we were standing the ground began to split open and spit steam like a dragon. By this we knew we had to hurry to stop her spell, for we had very little time left.

As we started to run to towards the staves, she started to chant the spell. We were so close it felt like an eternity to get there. Just as we reached the staves, she had finished chanting the spell. Lori and Samoan ran a diversion to distract her for me, to grab one of the staves. As I was pulling it out of the ground, I saw a flash, and couldn't hear Lori and Samoan yelling anymore. Just as I had finished pulling the staff out of the ground, she turned towards me.

She was about to do the same spell of freezing on me, as she had on my friends. A man near by had turned in to a wild boar and was running strait at the sorceress and hit her. Distracting her long enough for me to smash the black orb to the high heavens.

The next thing I know, I just froze in place and then heard, "You brat! How could you do such a thing to moa? You just ruined my spell for world domination. I can only make those staves every thousand years you little monster. So because of you I can't make them and take over the world for another thousand years. So I guess I'll end up with a consolation prize, you, and your little monkey friends. I guess I'll just take you three back in time with me to pay retribution for my dear staves you ruined as my slaves, back to the 11th century. But, as you are your just not useful enough for me. I'll have to change you, and your comrades to be more useful to me when we get back to my lovely palace. Don't even dream of freedom it will only hurt worse."

As she turned she made a rift in the air, my only guess a time window. I could hear her wicked and vile laughter. As soon as it was large enough to her liking she grabbed us all and flung us through the rift. We could hear here muttering to her self about what she wanted to change us into, and how best to make us suffer. I shivered in my soul.