I Love You Darling, No One Else

By: toku

There she was, my icy snow bride.

I had stood at the altar long after the guests had left, them murmuring condolences for my seemingly runaway bride. And yet I had waited patiently for her, my angel, my future. Hours, so many hours had passed.

And there she was, lying in the park's pond, literally frozen in time and space. Her soft, frigid lips were a smooth baby blue, and skin as seamless and pale as ivory porcelain. Her hair was strewn out of its once elegant knot, creating a golden halo of flaxen hair. The custom-made wedding dress was billowed as if by wind.

She had been waiting for me as I had waited for her at the church, Ever so gently I crouched down to trace her lips through the sheet of ice that separated us. The ice was death, the barrier that would forever keep her just out of my fingers' grasp.

Had she had second thoughts about us and gone for a walk? How did she get here? Snow started to fall delicately from the heavens like frozen tears, crying for my lost love and me. My heart, my being, my very soul was like her life, frozen dead.

"I'm sorry," I breathed. My breath came out a filmy mist, momentarily distorting my vision from her beautiful face.

It was well past midnight and I slowly lowered myself against the frozen pond; head resting on the back of my hand. I stared at her, every smooth curve of her face was etched into my brain. The ice groaned in protest, but still I lay.

I love you darling, no one else.

My palm was numb; my body was unmovable. Was this how she'd felt when she'd fallen? The frigid cold swept through me as the ice gave way and my sleepy eyes slid shut.

I love you darling, no one else.