.::An Assassin's Plea::.

Trembling and alone,
Why do I do this?
It remains so wrong.
The blade's still red
and it trembles in my hand.

A drop, thudding in my ears,
a dark splatter on the floor
to match the others.
My eyes look away
to find the ghastly sight.

A still form, cold and pale,
an angel's image
with red outspread wings.
A wispy halo
and a lingering smile.

Damn you, to the eternal fires
You mock me still,
even after...
My sin that condemns me
to a fate worse than yours.

A clatter, and steel lies,
accusing, at my feet.
You are guilty.
No! I did what I had to.
You are guilty...

And again I weep
like I always do.
Fall to trembling knees,
Great Lord, forgive me my sins
Like you always do.

Another night,
another life,
another forgotten face.
Lord, change this girl,
into someone.

Help me free my pain.
Release me from torment,
Release me from death.
Let me no longer be the destroyer
Help me, just once.

I pray until I am weak,
I weep until I'm spent.
Like I always do.
But I take the money,
just like I always do.