Too Little, Too Late

by: trista groulx

Don't ask me to be your fucking friend now!
Now that you need someone to help you!
Where the hell were you when I need you?
Where the hell where you when my world fell apart!?
Let me think for a minute now…
You were too wrapped up in your own stupid life!
Unable to see that I was begging for help!
Where the fuck were you I needed my friends?
Playing stupid high school games!
While I sunk deep into depression over that tragedy
I don't really give a flying fuck about you anymore!
But don't look to me for friendship now
When you couldn't give that to me, when I need it most!
I bet you don't know what the fuck I'm talking about!
Do you even remember my crisis that year?
Don't you dare ask me to be your friend now!
When you couldn't fucking see my pain then!
Think hard, can you even remember!?
Did you even ask me a fucking thing!?
I can hardly remember a bloody thing!
But I do remember who supported me
And you were not one of the people helping me!
Did you know that he jumped out a window?
Do you remember where I was when I found out?
That's why I can't fucking forgive and forget!
Why I never want to be your friend!
You weren't there when I need you the most!
So don't ask for that courtesy from me!
Don't ask me to be your goddamn friend now!
Now that you're the one who needs the help!
Cause, honey, they just can't compare!
My world fucking fell apart that day!
All I wanted was a little bit of sympathy
Too little too fucking late!