Break Away

How can I be so far gone? When my world seen to be crushing down and front of me. Is it too soon for me to leave this place and not look back on what might have been? Is it too soon for me to keep holding on knowing that you're not there?

How can I mend a broken heart when it's already broken. Cat, tell me why my life is torn apart by hate? How can I break away from all this pain that's killing inside? Cat I swear I wouldn't do it again but why do I keep on going back?

Cat, why do I feel like I'm about to die? Can I please break away from this misery life that kept me blinded for life?

If I was to go right now tell me if I would be ok? Tell me if my parents would be ok? I want leave here if I know they're not ok. How can I cry knowing that I can't break away from this pain.