Pragmatically fruitless
Intellectual spatterings of paint
All the color of thought

To take you
To the borderline of your humanity
Spinning out of control

To take you
On past sight, you begin to see it break you
Remake you
Finally in control

Stuttering across the veil of thought
Tear through and fall into insanity
Being at the edge of reason is such a sad lot
But that's the price of remaking your mentality

Skittering across a sky so blue
If you were here, you could see it too
Twitch your thoughts down through the veil
Reel them back in now and tell us a tale

Relate your not quite madness across the void
Of electronic silence like a mindless droid
Only to put a new spin on the same old word
Give the pages wings so they can fly like a bird

So it all comes down to
Just a thought from me to you
Hear it
Or smear it
Across your soul
Because now you are finally in control
Of my sometime madness
Of my poetic sadness
My mindless intellectual bliss