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Summary Recap: Two demon children run from the fate of their family's debts and one dies to save the other. And now the remaining child Tai grows up into the type of person his dead brother always wanted to be and now he will be avenged…finding new friends and a love along the way

Chapter 1

A View into the Past and Meeting a New Acquaintance

With a low whisper a child said "Do you think they are gone yet??"

"I don't know but there is only one way to find out. I want you to go into the closet and stay there until I get you got it! Remember I will always love you"

I know I was not meant to live through this…it is my destiny for me to die and for Tai to live…I understand this now.

As Ronin moved up from the small makeshift hiding place behind the couch now headed toward the closet he soon signaled Tai to follow.

They had been hiding for days endlessly wandering asylum anywhere, but they knew that they would never find it…not any time soon at least.

With every passing moment Tai hopelessly though about what had lead them to this. Why their family assassinated one by one all starting with their mother.


Blood Curling Scream

"Please I beg of you…bloody cough forgive my husband I assure you he will pay his debt"

"Shut up woman…Shin knew what he was getting into when he played with us and now he is going to pay the price, starting with you, then your kids and anyone else you have ever known"

As one of Yukio's henchmen handed him a long two blade katana Yukio took the chance to take another swig of some strong liquor only to spit it all over Mamiru in her already bruised form.

Raising the blade into the light slowly only to bring it down over her breast. Now creating a gash only deep enough to not kill her.

End of Flash Back

I was only 8 when it happened…and sadly that was all I remembered besides a dead scream and my only home burning to the ground and it was his father's entire fault. It was his fault we were on the run and his fault that his mother was being hurt. He would pay for his treachery…I will kill him myself…all for a stupid gambling debt…he promised he would stop but he did not…and now we had to pay for his mistakes

Pulling Tai out of his daze Ronin signaled for Tai to hide in a closet by the front door being their only possible means of escape. Tai knew the plan, Ronin was going to go in the kitchen and send their attention to the back yard while he and Ronin ran toward the woods into the next village. But something was wrong and Tai knew it. His only brother could not look him in the eye.

Then it occurred to him Ronin had a vision of something and it was not good, and seconds later it hit him…the pieces were coming together. Ronin was going to try to change the future by getting him self caught possibly even killed!

"Ronin wait!!! Come back…"

Gun shot

Gun Shot

"I got him Yukio" Damon said proudly…

"… You got him right, then why is he still running" Yukio replied killing Damon in the process…

"What are you waiting for…a fucking invitation?!… Shoot already!!"

But I knew better…Ronin was long dead but his body won't rest…not until he feels that I am far enough. He wanted to give me a running chance.

The thing is that I can't even feel my legs let alone run, but I must Ronin would not be able to go much further and as soon Yukio and his men will be after me

Running blindly running with tears in his eyes he had to the edge of the forest into the Nano Village. Knowing that hiding somewhere in this village would buy him time. He knew that Yukio and his men can't track him here so he could stay here until he could claim revenge and reclaim honor for his family.

…That was nine years ago….Tai now had a new life. Now being a junior in high school and he had all the information and skill to kill Yukio for his treachery.

Sitting up in his bed he proclaimed that death shall fear his name till Yukio is dead and his grave cursed for all of eternity.


"Till then I can not rest till I can spit on his foul name…but till then …another five minutes of sleep will not hurt. It is only 6:30 anyways."

Hell who need school anyways?

Just as Tai once again close his eyes for another 15 minutes of sleep he received a rude awakening from the one and only Liza-chan

"Wake up!!"

"Wake Up!!!"

"WAKE…UP" Now banging a pot over the once sleeping Tai beside her

"Holy shit woman do you have to wake me up like that Liza-chan!!?" Tai responded all but sweetly.

To his luck soon following with a slap upside his head and a gentle but solid kick in the butt 'nudging' him into the bathroom now before him.

As Tai strolled into his bathroom it became easy to hear him mumbling something about killing Liza-chan, though she thought differently. She lightly chuckled smiling to the stunning young man before her that she had come to know as a son even thought she would never admit it to him…ever.



"…Kusu! Man the wolves got into the fucking garbage again. The council of elders should really do something about it .Hell…I know what I should do. I should get myself a man with a well toned chest and a chiseled not to forget a long… powerful…semi-automatic double barrel shotgun!!...Yeah shotgun that was exactly what I was going to say a long powerful semi-automatic double barrel shotgun yup!"


"Ok…ok I'm coming already"

Little did she realize as she picked up the first trash can she say a small dark figure unconsciously curled up into a defensive ball trying to hide…As she looked harder she saw that the dark figure was covered in scratches and blood, was is an animal running for its life? Looking closer her worst fear was true…it was not an animal. It was a demon child!!

Stunned at her discovery she almost did not hear the small creature speak barely over an audible whisper.

"Help me. Help me plea…" And with those words the small child passed out.

As Liza-chan moved to pick up the whispered to the little demon.

"Don't worries I promise to take care of you for as long as you need me. I promise this to you and kami"

End of Flashback

...Blinking herself back into reality she murmured "…And that is one vow I intend to keep"

Peasant sigh

Walking briskly to Tai's bathroom door she prepared herself for another day. Knocking gently on the door she asked for him to get out and get dressed for school after a moment of silence she took the more alternative method to get him out…matter of factly it had happened to be her more favored method of 'coaxing' him out.

"Hey Goki!!! Get out of the bathroom before I go in"

Ignorant silence

"Kami help you if you don't get out of there and get ready for school…"

Annoying silence

"Oh…so that is how you want to play...well prepare for war Tai…"

Evil Snicker

Door Swings Open

"Morning Liza-chan, sleep well??"

Now walking downstairs toward the kitchen being the closest source of food Tai left a completely stunned Liza currently holding an old soccer trophy in both hands in position to swing.

Being as stunned as she was she could not even muster a single word. Leaving the room she placed the trophy down and proceeded downstairs following behind Liza

By the time Liza got downstairs from Tai's room he was at the table scarfing down three bagels. None the less his attitude stunned her more than his eating habits maybe even more and that was a lot comparing to his eating habits.

Little did she know the reason for Tai's behind disturbing attitude was that he finally was beginning to show physical features of being a demon. Beginning with subtle tattoos, claws, fangs, lean muscles, long shiny hair and ending with a tail and wings along with a few other things like his height. Like this morning…he had happened to notice that he was taller and muscular along with his face being a little more chiseled than it was last night…not saying that he really needed to look any better than he did ever before, but either way it was reason to celebrate

Even better Liza-chan was leaving to visit a family shrine in Kyoto leaving me home alone for two weeks and three days exactly. Home alone to do what ever there is to be done like dusting y car, watching PG movies with some friends and spending some time with Akio.

She has really gotten hotter over the summer over the summer, and that bikini she wore to the carwash fundraiser looked really good on her.. It hugged her in all the right places and all of her curves were filling out so nicely…


Wait!! Pause for one moment here

Kami…this is not me thinking about my Akio-kun like that…

Wait…My Kun??? When did I become so possessive?

Since this morning

Ok so I have completely lost it, I'm hearing voices!!!

No you are not, you are hearing me and I am you. It is that simple!


Ok so that is the last time I ever eat meat several times before dawn.

Pay attention to my voice because I will only explain this so many times…I am you and you are me for the exception of one thing…

And that is

I am you demon counterpart

Oh ok that all makes a lot of sense. I how could I not and how great will it be for me to have a second opinion on what I wear to school everyday

Don't patronize me

Go away and I will

You know I will be back…to talk about Akio perhaps and how she will be our woman

I know…what!! No she is not your woman she is mine! I mean she is no one's!!...Hey!! Do you hear me??

After a few uncomfortable moments of silence the all too familiar voice of Liza-chan shouting the same thing for the umpteenth time…

"Get a move on you got school remember …so move!!"

Throwing the closest thing she could get her hands on at him, being an apple which surprisingly he caught without getting hurt in the process…it was a first of many strange things (AN: Amazing usually he leaves for school with hair gel that tastes like apples lol)

Beep Beep

"Hurry up…Akio is here don't keep her waiting for all hell to freeze over…again"

Crickets Chirp


No Crickets

"I'll never understand that boy"

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