Chapter 5

Anything But Expected

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Who in seven hells is bothering us now. You know they only need to press the stupid little button once not five hundred times. And beyond that what is up with him and this house? Every time something got good something had to happen…

Sadly all of the 'disruptions' were getting old and fast for either of them…thought it would not stop them from wishful thinking along with extensive profanity.

Although the door bell never ceased ringing funny thing was that Tai could really care less when it came to getting the door. Other from being funny it was sorta sad, so sad that Akio took it into her own hands to get the door. Speeding past Tai to get the door expecting another pizza boy but when she opened the door she was stunned beyond compare at what she saw.

-On with the story…

Being probably on one of the strangest things she ever saw (not including that time she saw a Boy Scout selling Girl Scout cookies) she was at a complete loss for proper words at the sight she saw.

"Ahh what the hell is you, that, it …Tai!!

Tai on the other hand was practically dying from holding a stifled laugh from Akio. There was not way in seven hells he would laugh willingly at Akio; she'd kill but the pain of holding out on laughing was worse that anything that Akio could do to him immediately do to him at the current point in time. Thought she might prove him wrong in the moments to come. But that theory went right out the window when he saw Akio grab at the offending appendage following the uninvited visitor out of curiosity.

In the amount of time it took him clear the tears in him eyes he had only allowed for him to crash into another chair laughing.

As the furry creature blankly stared at Akio he failed to notice grasp on her in his tail in an unfriendly vice grip until the pain began to register into his brain as he let out a loud yelp. Jumping onto Akio's elbow he pulled his tail out of her vice grip and scurried onto her head and sat there nursing his ruffled tail.

And by this time Tai was able to breathe again thankfully because another minute of laughing that hard he would of most likely passed out. All the same he walked over to the deafly still Akio and grabbed the thing in Akio's hair b the scruff of its neck and held it at eye level as he began to speak

"So you are the ward that my counter part sent me…hmmmn, so what are you? A disfigured squirrel or something?

"First of all I am not a disfigured squirrel…I am a ferret! Now would you mind putting me down?"

Releasing his grip on the small animal he allowed it to fall ungracefully but its body twisted in a cat like way so that it landed softly landed on the ground but fell on its rear with a quiet thump nonetheless

Not a second sooner Akio was hovering over the poor creature whilst poking its stomach

"Great Tai you killed the squirrel and it was kind of kawaii!... What is next mass murder?"

"The squirrel is not dead I think…"

Regaining awareness the uninvited creature began to speak in his own defense

"Not a squirrel and I am not a disfigured squirrel either…I…AM…A…Ferret!!!. IS IT THAT HARD TO TELL!"

"…Would you look at that it is not dead Tai" Still hovering over the creature in a surprised daze at the supposed ferret Akio could not help but gaze at it in curiosity which more or less made her look like a deer in head lights.

By this time around Tai had found a way to curb his laughter to avoid any fatalities but he found it hard to pay much attention all the same to the task at hand.

Perverted as the disfigured squirrel it could not help but as to take advantage of Akio's position from above. (AN: Sorry I found that really funny) Reaching above the ferret reached up and grabbed at Akio's breasts.

"AAk henitai"

In no more than half a heart beat later the poor creature found himself dangling against a wall at the mercy of Tai while the questionable ferret was shouting out a numerous amount of apologies.

" Master Tai I beg of you for your mercy for my vulgarity at offending your property"

Popping in to argue Akio chose to announce where she stood on who is whose property

"Pause for one moment…you ferret thing!...I am the one you should be apologizing to and second I AM NOT PROPERTY! I'll let you go with calling me his woman but anything more you are pushing your luck.

All the while Tai stood there with his eyes tinting red angered at the creature's words of disrespect, subconsciously fighting for control over his apparent anger.

-I need to calm down but I really can't help but want to kill that baka ferret

I say just kill him. He knows better that to touch anything with my scent on it. Daji knows the rules.


The disfigured squirrel as you called him.

-But why does it matter that he touched Akio, sure he does deserve to lose his hands among other things but…his life surely is worth more than that.

Not really…Here is your first lesson in youkai society. Any male not including family and in special cases close friends, anyways getting to the point any male touching your female is a direct challenge to your dominance and strength. And this can be solved in two ways. Killing the person that touched your woman or publicly proving your claim by mixing your scent with hers

-How do you mix scents.

It is instinct you will do it on impulse when ever necessary but I will not go into detail now, no you can learn that on your own, but… you have your own perfect example right now though it is not what I had in mind per say.

Snapping out of his self daze he found himself at peace with his blood lust. At the same time he could feel a familiar presence in his arms it smelt of juniper and cotton blossoms.

Yes, this was a familiar scent. No one had a scent anywhere near to being similar to Akio's; fragrant yet lightly intoxicating (AN: Yes an oxymoron I know bear with me on this) absently rubbing his face into the crook of her neck, heated above the norm temperature at such an intimate caress.

But there was something different about her scent slightly becoming a little muskier than it had been awhile ago, then it hit him like a ton of bricks, she was aroused unlike anytime before. Though she would never admit it especially in public never the less Tai felt the need to cover her scent with his own by over stepping her because there was no way that perverted squirrel would have that pleasure of catching her scent.

Akio's voice pulling him out of his thoughts

"Tai would you mind?... There is a complete lack of personal space between us and it's inappropriate to… be caught doing in front of anyone especially the ferret"

Interrupting Akio's lesson in manners he was still trying to establish his presence in the room though it did not do much.

"Hey! Down here! I have a name and it would be so hard as to call or talk about me by my name Daji, Daji, Daji, Da…"

Once again the poor creature was silenced by one glare from Akio shutting him up promptly and efficiently.

All the while Tai was absently mindedly rubbing touching and nipping at all of the sensitive parts of her throat. Akio on the other hand had to literally bite back moans from disrupting her speech because only kami knew how disrupted her train of thought was.

All the while Daji thought it wise to interrupt their display before they were practically screwing each other on the floor.

"Tai-sama onegai for my rude disruption but I must insist that we begin your training of youkai society before you your woman are presented to the other Lords of the surrounding provinces

As Daji was speaking Akio and Tai were tuning in to and out of his speech until a few choice words stuck out at them as they both replied urgently.


"What in kami's name are you talking about Daji?"

"I thought you knew Tai-sama but more or less getting to the point the reason that I am here at all it because on the night of the harvest moon you are to be expected to be presented to the other Lords with your woman"

"Hold on one second here I am still a little fuzzy on the details about this whole me being Tai's woman thing, but are you saying that I have to be presented too?"

"Well, in so many words yes and if I am not mistaken you do carry my master's clan mark on the lower part of your throat Ne?"

Catching Akio's attention she looked down to see what Daji was talking about, she moved the collar of her shirt a bit past her collar bone to revealing a cotton blossom in front of a dimly lit moon. Tai , curious at the mark reached up to touch the mark that he had apparently created which drew out a shudder from Akio unexpectantly.

Getting a big head from Akio's reaction to his mark he spoke…

"Wow, I did not know that I could do that, I wonder….do you got anymore buttons for me to push?"

Reaching once again to touch his mark Akio had promptly stepped just out of his reach as she once again began to speak.

"Ok…this does make sense in a weird alternate reality type of way but this is a lot to absorb right now or at all for that matter. Especially for a Thursday night! I still have homework to do and so do you Tai!...So If you would excuse me…"

Pushing past both Tai and Daji Akio proceeded to make her way up the stairs into Tai's room. In all honesty Daji's message was a lot to take in for one night so Tai had let her go, it was for the best to just let her go to take out her frustrations on her math homework.

It is for the best… I hope

More or less it did not really matter to Tai or even affecting him any way near to the way Daji's message affected Akio. Something as absurd as his message was something to be Tai expected to happen. All in all this made Tai one more step closer to having his revenge for the lives of his family. Exacting revenge for his family was something he swore his life a long time ago, swearing that he would kill Yukio, when the right time came.

Meanwhile …

"I don't believe this!!...My life calls for simplicity and this is what I get…I am no where near being prepared for this …would it have been so hard as to give me a warning, like three years ago.!!! That would have been fine…I could deal with this then!"

Within minutes of storming out of the hall away from Tai and Daji Akio threw down her pen finishing two mounds of homework in what seemed to take only seconds as she had began to wind down from her complete breakdown. Considering the fact that she had done enough homework for the next two weeks she gave up on going ahead any further or her hand might of started to cramp up. In so many words you can say that she had gotten carried away.

All the same all she could manage to do now was think about what kami had in store for her now…

'Wow who would of thought that I of all people would be in this position, if Nana could see me now, something like this with Nana would bring back a lot of memories. I can even remember when Nana used to tell me that…'


"Morning Nana! How are you?"

"Fine my child and you…oh and how is that boy you are fond of?"

"I am doing well Nana but you know that I don't like Tai like that! We are friends and nothing more!"

"Oh really?... I would like to think different, as you know I am an old woman and kami knows that I don't have too much longer in this world"

"…But Nana"

"Hush child, let me finish I don't have much time longer in this world, but I'll let you in on a little secret…A grandmother knows everything there is to know, and if I do say so myself grandmothers know best…"

"…So what is your point Nana?'

"Well if you let me finish child I will tell you"

"Sumimiasen Nana"

"…Anyways, as a grandmother I learn a thing or two in my many years about people…And guess what"


Akio's interest beginning to thicken at her grandmother's words

"Well something about you is something special that I have not seen in myself or your mother or basically anyone else in my many years. And well to the fact that I just may be going senile for saying this, but I see it in you best when you are with that Tai fellow; such a nice boy he is. Though I wonder how he fits all of the food he eats and lives to talk about it . All the same I know that you two fit together and that you will face a lot of different adversaries but it will never allow for you to fail each other"

"Wow Nana have you been drinking sake?... Or did you drink enough sake?"

Laughing at her grandmother's theory Akio found her grandmother's words bizarre though she had a feeling that she was right.

Catching Akio off guard Nana managed to chuck a peppermint at Akio's head

"So everyone is a skeptic…hmmmn well that will teach you!"

And with less than a moment of dead silence both Akio and Nana broke out into a fit of laughter. When Nana began to calm down she made her way to a small red velvet jewelry box and from it pulled out a necklace. But not just any necklace but a locket in the shape of a cotton blossom. Kissing the base of the locket she placed the necklace into Akio's hand and sat down beside her.

"Arigato Nana this is beautiful."

But when Akio went to open the locket the clasp would not open. Akio now whining at her misfortune(AN: Considering the fact that she was only ten there is a reason for her to do that lol)

"Nana the stupid locket is broken why did you give me a locket that won't open…I want to see what is in it …"

"…Calm your self child! I would never give you a broken locket…but if you weren't so hasty I would have told you why the locket might not open for you yet."

"…So why won't the locket open?"

Now rubbing her head in simplistic frustration of her hyper ten year old granddaughter she proceeded to answer her question.

"Akio! Calm yourself…the reason the locket won't happen is because you are not ready to see its contents that the locket has in store for you, you could say that the locket has a mind of its own and it will decide when you are ready"

"…So could I be ready tomorrow?"

"You might be, and then there is the possibility that you won't be able to open the locket then. But always remember that you are special in a way I have not seen in decades so keep the locket close to your heart. It may prove useful in the future."

Fascinated by her grandmother's words Akio took no time pulling the necklace over her head and twitted it in her fingers admiring the feel of her special gift. Smiling brightly at her grandmother in gratitude she opened her mouth to ask another question. But was cut off by the sound of a door bell. Akio then rushed off to see who was there immediately forgetting her question(AN: Lol Short attention span lol) but overall guessed it to be her mother. It was about three o'clock so it was no surprise that Akio's mother would be there. So as she opened the door Akio began to hop around her mother saying.

"…Mommy, Mommy, look Mommy, look at what Nana gave me, she said I am special and she gave me this…isn't it pretty!!"

"Yes dear it is beautiful…we really have to get going so get you things ok…I am just going to say hi to Nana where is she honey?"

Nana walking into the room proceeded to answer her daughter's question.

"I am right here Usume I am right here I know these old bones are not the fastest known to man but I get around."

"Same as always Nana, how have you been doing?... are you eating right , feeling well?'

Usume, Usume I might be old but I can still take care of my self…get going. I love you, bye. And make sure you take care of my granddaughter. And Akio, take care of your mother."

"I promise Nana!"

-End Flashback

Coming back into reality Akio absent mindedly pulled her locket from under her shirt and began to twiddle the necklace that her grand mother gave to her all those years ago and for the sake of knowing once again tried to open the locket but to no avail.

Opening the locket was not too much of a concern to Akio anymore though she was still curious to what was in the locket that it would not open for her. All the same Akio found a lot of inner peace when she held it though it was only a necklace, but it was something that was special and made her always feel special when she had it with her.

Nana I really do miss you… but I know that you are watching over me from the heavens even now.

As Akio left the desk she cleared the room of the innocent textbooks scattered across the floor from her frustration

Poor books they never stood a change…I really do pity them; then again not really

After clearing the books into a neat pile Akio fell backwards onto Tai's bed looking out of a near by window still thinking about what her grandmother had said about her and Tai and began to wonder if she was right.

Softly laughing at her self when a small voice in the back of her mind told her that grandmothers knew everything there is to know about anything . Sitting there wondering if her grandmother was right , she began to think further into her memories she had found no recollection of her grandmother ever being wrong about anything; strangely Akio found that comforting as she looked out into the night sky.

Tai in the kitchen had eventually sent Daji away and promised him that he would take lessons with the abominable fuzball until the harvest moon. As Tai went to down to drown his aggravation in food he felt the need to be with Akio, so he went up the stairs to his room and knocked on the door. Entering the room he went to see if Akio had calmed down from the last time he had seen her which was most likely yes because he did not had a nose bleed yet.

"Hey Akio, you ok?"

"Yea Tai I am ok just thinking about stuff"

"Well, would you like some company?"

"Yea, I would like that but what about Daji?"

"Oh the abominable fuzball?...Well I got him to leave after agreeing that I will take the formal training and you should know that you will be the one dragging me there"

Laughing lightly at Tai's remark she replied light heartedly.

"Oh really?"

"Yep I would not have it any other way."

"I suppose so…"

As Akio bit back a yawn and snuggling into Tai's pillow; as if on some natural instinct Tai pulled out a large shirt and pants and handed them to Akio.

"You are tired and need rest so go change and get some sleep ok."


As Akio replied she went to pry her self from Tai's pillow and went to change into the clothes that Tai gave to her. Leaving the room Tai went downstairs to the basement to get his own clothes from the laundry.

It was nothing new for Tai and Akio and sleep in the same room they had done it since they were kids. After changing himself he headed up stairs into his room and climbed into the bed beside Akio.(AN: He had serious issues with sleeping on the floor…he was afraid of the monsters under the bed as a child and it carried into his teen years bad habit and one of the many things that Akio knew about Tai that the world would never know)

Feeling a dip in the bed Akio handed a pillow and some of her covers muttering something that sounded like good night before she rolled over and went to sleep. While Tai on the other hand had no intentions of falling asleep just yet. So just for now he would lie around and think about stuff.


Come on, can't I get a break …what do you want from me now?

-Telling me that our woman sleeps in our own chamber without hesitation could of answers quite a few questions though I would of never believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes.

Before you start I am going to end this by not making a comment to something that stupid

-I will let your insolence go for now but do not forget that you need my help, so courtesy would not kill you

You don't know that and anyways…I heard you the first three times but now it is like you are saying something but all I hear is…blah blah blah, blah blah.

-Hn, all the same you should know that now that more of your demon side is beginning to surface it will become more dominant and you will smell, hear and sense more things that you did not notice before. At times even I will become more dominant and I may take over your body and you will be only subconsciously aware until I am sated however that may be.

I am telling you this now keep your sating to your self and keep Akio out of it…you don't know her and I don't know you so if you do anything to her I will find away to suppress your presence or extinguish it.

-I would never hurt our woman it goes against demon society.

I don't care so heed my warning…

-As you wish, I take my leave goodnight

Sighing in relief of finally getting rid of his counterpart and being alone Tai at last got a moment to himself, but not a moment later Akio and rolled over in her sleep and now her arm was now draped over Tai's chest while her head rested upon it .

Great…and I thought that I would get some sleep tonite but that theory just went right out though I would not prefer it any other way it is not like I really need to be awake to be in school…

Raising his hand from underneath his head he rested it upon Akio's. All the while she had begun nuzzling her face into Tai's chest drawing a purr from Tai who found her action's adorable. And soon fell asleep thinking about what the future had in store for him; let alone what Akio had in store for him when she woke up in her position…it would be hard to explain in the morning, but he would leave that up to the powers that be. It would be a pretty interesting sight.

Next Morning…

Shielding her eyes from the light Akio looked over to the alarm clock that was blinking 5:45, it was about time for her to wake up, though she did not want to get ready for school for a change. Although at the current point and time there was something off about this morning.

Why is it that my pillow is moving …and why does id have a pulse…oh no Kami please don't let it be what I think it is …oh no …it is…"Crap!"

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