Beneath the surface,

I feel nothing,

Empty, and cold.

Beneath the surface,

Darkness consumes me,

I cannot fight.

Beneath the surface,

I battle with myself

And I am losing.

Beneath the surface,

I keep fighting,

My love for you ever sustaining.

It's my love for you

That keeps me going,

My love for you

That keeps me strong.

The love that will never end,

But is a source of pain as well,

For I don't know if you love me.

So the love that's sustaining

Is a deadly poison

Flowing through my veins.

The same love

That lets me float among the clouds

Is the same love

That drags me to torture and death.

Oh, hateful, loving arrow

Sent from the bowstrings of light and dark.

Thou hast struck me,

Deep beneath the surface.