Her Hands Wrung Lilly White

Her hands wrung Lilly white

in the ghost of light that once cradled the moon.

Her voice;

a screaming out cast

from her cold candle wax lips.

Love be but a song,

a forbidden note

with which her heart could only sing.

Even within death

she found her spirit

and her body

forever entangled within his own.

From the depths

of the cold earth

did she rise,

her arms

filled with all that had been lost to her.

All that was forbidden to her-

come again to her side

for he

and all that he was

came upon her.

His tears


by the rawness of such a night

and the icy spirits

that accompanied her from her willowing grave.

He screamed

"Give her back to me!"

And his loins

aflame within the lack

that her stillness afforded him.

Her hands wrung Lilly white

as she reached out

past the thin line

and higher plane that death had bestowed her with.


be it unnoticed in her heart


from the depths

she did rise again



with the frost of her soul

did she place her hand upon his cheek.

"Give her back to me!"

The earth seemed to dance

with her presence

and his


within her soul once more.

As flesh departs

where the heart will always linger.

All sound

became silent

and noise


All of night stilled

and held together

the fabrics

and thin threads

of life and death

to allow

such a union to take place

between the rift

of storm

and surrender.

"Give her back to me!"

But her grave rang cold


far gone

from the figure of bone.


long lost

to such a language.


be but a vale

to cover them with.

A kiss.

A dance.

The last moments

of lovers

long lost to the other.

Night came alive once more

and day fell upon the murky shadows

of he



Lost to him she was again


once more

between her ghostly presence now

and the heart

that would always beat for her.