A/N My formatting just didn't do this piece of work justice therefore it's time to recreate it so maybe more people will read it. Same lyrics as before and I hope ALL of you go and read my page under 5-21-06 because it's IMPORTANT

So here is Of Needs And Pain, thank goodness I've learned to moved on. Man, when I'm depressed, I'm REALLY depressed. Even if you don't normally read long ones READ THIS because the length really does the poem justice.

I need you to hug me

I need you to hold me

I need so many things

But your touch gives me wings

To fly ahead, to wait, to live

Because I love you

There's nothing to change that,

not even the distance that keeps us apart

I cry every night hoping ill see you again

Ill hear your voice and come running into your strong arms

I know where my heart is

And its with you

You who keeps me from harm

You wipe the tears into a smile too

But without you I can't stop thinking

About the loose string

And how I might have lost you forever

And how

Maybe one day my body will fall apart

Then the state of my body

Will match that of my heart

Now you're truly gone

And all my confidence has faded

Along with the thought of you being the one

Along with the protection you gave me

Now it is no longer 'we'

It is simply you and I

This pain you caused

Has made me cry

You can leave me out in the pouring rain

And and when you return

I'll let you back

I'll make the same mistake

Until my whole world goes black

I want to end the cycle

Because ill never be walking to you

Down the isle

But I can't let go

There is a thread hanging onto you

Nothing you do can change

The monster you have made

You have made a difference

You have made me different

Now everything that I have lived through

I have lived through because of you

Because I knew none of it would matter

When you came for me

When we both got ready to leave

Now that reassurance is gone

It makes the days feel so long

When I sit here thinking of you

And all the things we went through

Our song is a cursed haunting tune

I cry harder in the safety of my room

And the knife next to me is crying 'kill, kill, end it' in my ears

The carpet dampens with not blood but tears

Its over now

You're gone and I cant accept it

The words ringing in my ears can't be ignored

And I do believe a toast is in order

To all the things I didn't know

To all the wrong words I said

To every thing that keeps me away from you

And in every way I'm already dead