It was All Hollow's Eve. A teenage girl lay in a hospital bed; she had just born twins, a boy and a girl. She held her daughter, her son was being checked out by the doctors, and her husband was asleep in the chair next to her bed. Another woman came in.

She was tall, with dark hair and the pure white eyes of a Procy, or vampiric seer. She walked over to the baby in the young mother's arms. She laid a hand on the baby's head and said, "Daughter of Darkness, this day you have born the future of our world. This girl will rise to take her rightful place as the Vampyr Queen. It is her birthright. She will restore the balance that is needed in our land. She will overthrow our tyrants and bring salvation and prosperity to our existence. She will create a bond between us and the humans that will last for eternity. She will give us a new world. It is her destiny. I order you, do not tell anyone, not even your husband what you have heard this night, at least not until her night of change. For in sixteen years, on All Hollow's Eve, she will have the power to reclaim the throne, but if she is found out before that, the Council will kill her to keep their power maintained."

The seer left, leaving the young vampire girl to question what it all meant. She knew about the Vampyr Queens of old. She had only been a vampire a year, but her husband had told her all she needed to know about her new world. She had always had an aura of darkness, could it be that was because she was descendant of the last Vampyr Queen? Only time would tell if her young daughter was the one.