One Month Later

Kalli stood in the hall outside the throne room. She wore a long black silk renaissance dress. It fell silkily over her hips and fluttered down to hang loosely around her legs. The long sleeves widened and ended in points that did not quite touch the ground. The bodice hugged her form. She looked like the description of the Queens of old on coronation day, which she had found in a book in the massive library.

She was remembering something her mother used to tell her, of how someday you'd find out who you were meant to be. She was always told that her mother knew her destiny was to be turned, even if it was just to give birth to her children. Little did Kalli realize, that her mother was hinting at the destiny that waited for her. Little did Kalli realize at the time that her mother was preparing her to accept her destiny at such a young age to be able to accept this now.

The doors to the throne room were closed. Kalli could not walk in until CJ came to escort her to her throne.

It had been a month since her army had taken the Castle. She had sent her army home to their families to mourn losses and rest. Today, however, every vampire who could make the occasion was packed into the large throne room waiting for the coronation. She would officially be Queen.

"You look beautiful," a voice said, behind her. Strong arms wrapped around her waist. Someone's lips grazed the bare skin just above her neckline.

She turned around to see CJ standing behind her. He was dressed in the black silk tunic and tights of the men who were Kings, they took care of the world of vampires if the Queen was unavailable. His black hair was slicked back. Together they looked like something out of a story book.

"You don't look too shabby either," Kalli said, grinning.

"You know what I realized?" he said.


"I don't know what Kalli is short for."

"Kalasin. Kalasin DeWitt."

"Kalasin. I love it."

"What does CJ stand for? Tell me."

"Christopher James."

"Sexy name."

He offered her his arm and led her through the opening doors. He walked her down a black velvet carpet and up the steps to the dais. She turned to face the people standing in the throne room.

"I understand that many of you are afraid of gaining a new tyrant," Kalli said. "But for what it's worth, this is the last thing that I want. I'm going to try to set up a government where you get a say in what I do. I'm not perfect, so I will make bad choices, as my daughters after me are bound to do. I hope to find a working system to prevent, or fix, these mistakes. Thank you."

She sat on the silver and red velvet throne and CJ walked forward with a thin silver circlet studded with emeralds and a silver scepter, also studded with emeralds and topped with a black stone. These were the symbols of the Vampire Queen, as they had been for centuries.

CJ handed her the scepter and placed the circlet on her head. As he did, a light filled the room, resonating from Kalli. As the light ebbed away, the people standing before the dais fell to their knees before their Queen.