A/N: This is not a conventional kind of action/adventure story by any means. It is a choose-your-own adventure story. In choose-your-own adventure stories, YOU are the hero (or villain, or maybe an anti-hero or a minor character, depending on your choices). YOU decide what you want to do, where you want to go. I just make sure I narrate to the best of my ability what is going on.
I guess I need to give you instructions on how to go about this. Read the chapter like you would a normal fiction piece. When you get to the list of options, pick the one that seems either most appealing to you or most like your personality. Then look for the chapter with the same code. For example, to grab your family and run, you have to go to page 2d. Click on the chapter list like you normally would and select the chapter that starts with the name, "2d". It's that simple. For you, at least. Of course, that brings me to my other little complication. Underlined options are unavailable as of yet. I apologise to you eager readers out there who jump at the chance to be in control of someone else's story, but Choose-Your-Own-Adventure stories take up to thirty times longer to write than normal stories because you have to write thirty different stories in one, and organize them in a nice, neat, easy-to-read package. Therefore, I will take requests for which chapters to write next, but only if you also give constructive criticism on the chapter(s) that already exist.

Suddenly, on the way home from school, you hear a horrible, high-pitched, blood-curdling scream. You spin around. There is a huge monster looming over your house. You vaguely note that it is an amethyst-colored demon with a dinosaur-like head, and horn-like spikes protruding all down its spine, from its back to its pointed tail. It seems to be searching for something in your house, though you don't know, nor care, what it could possibly be. You suddenly remember with a pang of fear that your aunt and uncle are staying with you for the weekend, and your boyfriend is about to come over for dinner. The monster perks up its nose, twitching. It turns its ugly purple head and glares right at you. It strides toward you clumsily, ripping a hole through your roof as it approaches. You realize suddenly, with yet another pang of fear, that it is here for your family, but it would prefer to finish you off first. Your little sister and brother flee from the house, screaming. Your parents, aunt, and uncle stream out afterward, closely followed by your boyfriend, who has apparently already arrived for dinner, and has thankfully rescued your neko-chan. The demon sniffs, interested in the new smells. It steps forward curiously. You realize with horror that if it can't have you, the demon's second choice would either be your family or your boyfriend. You just don't know which one.

To take the demon on in a fierce, heroic glory,go to page 2a.

To dive to the rescue of your little siblings and family,go to page 2b.

To leap in front of your boyfriend and protect him to the end,go to page 2c.

To grab your family and run, goto page 2d.

To warn your boyfriend and pull him to safety,go to page 2e.

To flee in pure shock and terror, hoping with some sort of insane hope that it will follow you instead of attack those who you love,go to page 2f.