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You see your epee and foil in the ruins of what was once a whole, happy, fully-functioning family. You grab the weapons and assume an aggressive stance. The demon responds by spitting at you. You advance on the hideous creature, unaware of the hissing and burning of the grass on which the demon had spat. All you can think of now is saving you family, and whatever families may be next on this horrible monster's hit list. You lunge at it in full Itallian Rapier-and-Dagger-style glory, using your trusty left-handed foil as the dagger. You hit the demon in the stomach right where it would normally do some serious damage if it were a human, and also if the tips weren't taped over. Then you swing around and stab it in the same place with the foil. You retreat, hoping the injury holds it back long enough for you to remove the tapes and caps from your makeshift weapons.

The double-hit does the trick, and the demon flinches. You abandon your epee for a minute as you fumble clumsily with the tape. It pops off along with the cap, and not a moment too soon, either. The demon has healed its wound already, as a bruise is almost like a paper cut to most demons, and is lumbering toward you again. You retrieve your other sword and advance toward it again. The demon barely misses slashing you with its claws as you secure another double hit in exactly the same location as the previous one. It reels backward in shock that such a puny creature like you could dare to harm it as you retreat. You discard your foil this time and start working on the tape for the epee. This one is slightly more difficult, and it takes you about a minute. Just as the cap flies off, you see the demon charging forth out of the corner of your eye. You quickly collect your two uncapped swords and scamper away.

This time, when you charge, you don't attempt to dodge the demon's blows. You concentrate on sharpening your swordtips along the way. You are going for a final blow. You leap at the foul creature with almost sacrimonious fury, and stab it again. This time, though, is different. This time, you aren't just stabbing it twice, but alternating swords in a furious, rapidfire set of blows. This time is also different because you are going for the heart. Blood spurts in your face, in your eyes, even, but you don't care. You are already blind with the self-sacrificing deed that must save the lives you cherish so much. You don't notice that the blow to the demon is fatal, nor when the demon weakly turns its head and tries to tear the flesh from your arm. Your concious brain has already retired for the day, and the later memories shall never leave your subconcious memory to resurface in your mind.

When you wake up, you realize with a pang of fear that you are in the hospital. You don't remember any of the events of that night. The doctor is standing right before your bed, looking very grim.

"How can I even begin to tell you this?" he asked to no one in particular. "You-your arm..."

"What is it?" you cry, sitting bolt upright. Instantly, you regret it. Your left arm sears with pain, and you collapse hopelessly back onto the hospital bed. "What is it?" you repeat softly, though you still can't hide your panic. "Nobody died, did they? Why am I here? Why am I hurt?"

"You don't remember, hmm..." mused the doctor softly. "Well, anyway, this killer dog had rabies, and it was going after your parents and your boyfriend. You jumped in with your two swords to save them. You killed the brute, but you ended up getting bitten. You only have three days before you die."

As he explains from his (very) censored, or perhaps untruthful, point of view, the images, memories, and emotions come flooding back into your head. You can't remember anything after your last rapidfire attack, because the pain and the blood were too much. You understand why someone such as a doctor would call it a "killer dog" with rabies. There simply wasn't any other way to explain it without a subsequent pink slip on his desk. You nod mutely.

"Of course," he continues, "just because you have three days to live doesn't mean you can't leave the hospital. You won't spread your wound to anybody, and you won't speed up your death if you at least go outside and get some fresh air." You nod again. What will you do?

If you want to just make amends for anything that you may have done wrong in your life and die peacefully,go to page 3a.

If you would prefer to pray and cling adamantly to life, go to page 3b.

If you simply refuse to believe you will die, and go about your life as usual, go to page 3c.

If you wish to pretend to go about your normal life as usual but act sanctimoniously "cool" or as if you are now a superhero for the rest of your life, go to page 3d.

If you spend as much time as you can with your friends and family until the very end, go to page 3e.

If you wish to spend as much time as you can with your boyfriend, go to page 3f.

To hunt down the demon's family, if it has one, and to get revenge, go to page 3g.