How dare you…

You murder my trust…

You give a new shrine on the word lair.

We were the best of friends…

Two minds so similar it was frightening.

At least until now…

You found a love.


You're first love.

At first it was fine, I didn't have a problem.

I didn't mind your decreasing interest in me and increasing for Mr. Boy toy.

Again until now…

You never show up for lunch.

You don't spare me a pacing glance in the hall at all.

Even my other enemies for more friend quality then you are now.

So in return now for your 'friendly actions'

I ignored you.

You got mad at me…

How dare you…

You haven't the right…

I'm the one who went from have all your time to ZERO!

Friend no more,

We are through, you and I.

I'll enjoy seeing you suffer when he leaves you.

My Parents were right.

School is for learning,

Not making friends,

At least not good friends…

Aaron Skyler 1-5-05