Can you see her?

The one in the corner

With the blood running down her cheeks

The shattered look upon her face

The clenching fists of despair

The lonely look of the down trotted

You can't can you?

I didn't think you would

You're too scared

You can't handle the anger

The burns from the inside out

The self inflicted pain

The screams

The slashes

It's easy for you to ignore them

But when you have to look at them everyday

It consumes you

I saw you look though the corner of your eye

When she grabbed your pant leg

And begged for help

You looked at her with a blank empty stare

You shook your head and walked away

Later that day

You found her

Her wrists tore open to the bone

Your precious white carpet stained

With loneliness

With helplessness

You picked up the rug

And brought it to the cleaners.