There was a time when peace existed in the countries of the world, Zrathpu. No longer, though, did such a time exist. It was now a world of hate, pain, and war. Thrown together were humans, demons and angels, fighting only ceased by temporary peace treaties that were bound to be broken by one race eventually. Each race lived in their own country, but the demons could not coexist peacefully as the humans and angels could, they were always stirring up problems. A half-blood was not heard of, in fact it was forbidden. But this was not a time for the countries to be fighting as a deeper threat loomed over their heads. The other world, Fshistrug was planning a massive invasion on Zrathpu and this was not a problem to be solved by peace talks. Fshistrug had had a massive population growth causing them to lose substantial amounts of land and their people and countries were hungry for more. How convenient for them to attack the world nearest them and one that had been struggling to keep peace with them as well as within their own world.

A new peace treaty was agreed upon by the council of demons, angels and humans and set in place. They had all agreed that this was not the time to fight amongst themselves, but to unify and face this even greater threat. An announcement had been sent out that everyone was to cease fighting and learn to get along or they would no longer exist. The announcement also said that they were looking for those reborn of the Legend. You're probably wondering what this legend is, well it is stated in the old texts that once a threat such as this had existed before and powerful mages of different races came together and saved them from doom. These mages were known as the Queens and Kings of the Ages. It was said that when another great threat existed, the Queens and Kings of the Ages would be reborn in new people to save their world.

Everyone, even those without magic traveled far and wide to the World Headquarters to be tested as to see if they were a Queen or King of the Age. They were tested, examined and tested again with no success. Hope was dangling on a thread for them now. Ah, but who would have known that they had been looking at the wrong people? Eventually, word was put out that whomever appeared to have a trace of magic was to be sent to them immediately.

Talon was practicing fencing with his friends like he would everyday. It was part of the schedule he followed; after all he was an angel. He had to know what he was doing and when, and it all had to be good. He stands at 5'10" and has white colored hair that is well kept; even the bangs that dangle down are straight. Talon has a lean build, not very muscular, but he is agile and quick. He has a pale complexion and appears calm all the time, but also friendly. Talon is social, always fitting in wherever he goes and easily making friends.

Talon always dons light colored clothes. At the moment, he was wearing a white shirt and grey trousers with tan boots to practice in. His quick reflexes allowed him to parry each blow his friends took at him. Then guards appeared and ordered them to cease practice, the one called Talon was to come with them. Talon stepped forward, "That is I, and what business would you be here on?"

Glancing around, the guard replied, "Strict business, no fuss needed. Just come with us, please."

Talon looked at his friends and shrugged, "Well guys, I should go, I'll be back soon. Let my parents know."

With that, he flew off, the two guards on either side; glancing behind them to make sure no one was following. As they flew he looked at the two of them, "And where exactly would we be heading? And why must I, out of my friends, come with you?"

The first guard muttered something about teens not knowing their place today. The other guard rolled his eyes and responded to Talon, "We're to take you to the Council, as for why, that I cannot answer."

Talon looked at him wondrously, thinking to himself, The Council? Whatever for.

In a nearby human city, not far from demon borders, a demon boy named Kyou, dressed in everyday apparel, was running. Behind him were a gang of men chasing after him with sticks and their dogs. Of course, he was wreaking havoc, that's what demons did, but was it his fault he was starving? He didn't believe so, and he couldn't see the fuss they were making over one loaf of bread, they had plenty more and it only cost two percs. However, he was still running, perhaps this was because it wasn't the first time he had stolen from the humans, but he did what he had to, his wings still torn from last week.

Turning into an ally, he hissed at his stupidity, he had run into a dead end. He turned to face his pursuers, demon claws shooting out at the ready. He hadn't wanted to do this too badly, but he knew what he was capable of. Snapping his fingers, a flame appeared as his eyes glowed red. About to shoot the flames to get them to back off, he was lifted up into the air. Spitting, he looked up to see who dared ruin his moment. He recognized them as two demon guards of the Council and groaned. He was caught.

Looking over he noticed another demon boy with them, his closest friend Mark, with his dark, shaggy black hair with bangs shadowing piercing green-blue eyes. Mark gave a knowing smile, but didn't say anything. The guard noted to Kyou, "You are not being taken because of the despicable contact with the humans, but because the Council requests to see those such as you and Mark here." Kyou gave a questioning glance to Mark and Mark just nodded, confirming what the guards had said to be true. At least it wasn't because of the incident he was just stuck in. He had escaped that, unscathed. But what was ahead?

Not far from where Talon lived another angel was out with her friends. Her name was Edana. Her and her friends were helping those around that needed help and playing with the children. They loved Edana and her friends, because of their kindness to them. Looking up at the sky as a shadow covered them, Edana recognized the Council guards and put the children behind them. The guards nodded to her and asked, "Edana, the Council requests your presence if you don't mind coming with us." Waving to her friends and the children, she took off, flying between the guards.

In what was the in between world of the demon and angel countries, two humans existed, unknowing of each other or what was going to happen. One human was a silent girl, dwelling the corners of her mind. She was drawing outside in the park, sketching when two men approached her, and they asked her to go to the Council. Knowing it would be important, she brought her sketchbook and followed silently to the car.

Another more boisterous girl was playing sports with the guys from her school when the men approached her. She questioned them but they didn't answer, saying it was for the Council to tell them. She reluctantly followed them to the car, noting the other girl present, but didn't say anything. She just sat to the side of the car and looked out the window as they drove off.

Close to each other in arrival time, the guards took their responsibilities to the meeting room and left them without a word. They stood in darkness, slightly aware of another presence but unsure of what they were about to face. A clap was heard and the light appeared. They teenagers gasped as they recognized races they despised and the elders sitting before them. The first elder spoke in a scratchy old voice, "So my fellows, take a good look at what we have here." The elders did take a long look at who was presented to them.

There stood Talon, tall, lean, well-built, white blond hair placed neatly, green eyes, clean clothes, off to the side proudly. Next to him, Edana, a girl of tall height, average build, and curly hair pulled back, making a ring like sunrays around her head. Her hair color had gold, brown and copper-red in it and. She donned simple, but pleasant neutral colors. Quietly, with brown eyes, she returned their gaze, a bit shy. In the middle stood the two demon boys, slightly cocky, glaring at the angel who dared appear above. Well, Kyou did anyway. He stood at a good height and wiry build, orange messy hair, hazel eyes and dark clothes, slightly scarred wings. The other demon, Mark looked at no one. His tall, muscular build and shaggy black hair, green-blue eyes with dark clothes overshadowed the presence of his small wings that were battle scarred. To the other end stood the two human girls, the first, Faye, of average height and thin build, long black hair hanging down her back and regular clothes on, did not look at anyone, but the floor with her almost black eyes. The other, Tyrna, held her head in the air and gazed equally at the elders stares. She had an athletic build and was on the shorter side, layered brown hair and sporty clothes on with ice blue eyes.

These were just who they were looking for, the first elder thought to himself. Clearing his voice, he said, "Now surely you kids have heard of the ongoing war between our countries and how that has halted for another."

Talon interrupted, "Yes, but what does that have to do with us?"

Holding up his hand, the elder continued, "I was just getting to that. We have been searching amongst our worlds for what were once the Queens and Kings of the Ages. However, we searched wrong, but it seems we have found you. Yes, you, a ragtag group of teens now have much to weigh on your shoulders. You each are gifted with a unique talent your races do not normally have. So a new task is set before you."

This time it was Kyou who spoke, "Unique talent? What are you talking about?" The others nodded in agreement not knowing what he was talking about.

The elder nodded, "Oh but you do. I just need to bring it out." So he snapped his fingers and a painful prodding entered the minds of the six there. Angered, they thrust back and their powers appeared before everyone. Talon was surrounded by jagged mirrors, Edana by icicles, Kyou by flames, Mark by darkness, Faye by drawings and sketches, and Tyrna by vines. Peering out they were amazed and horrified.