Chapter 1

CRACK, was the first thing she heard on that cold December morning, snow and ice covered the ground, then shortly after another smaller not as loud crack followed the first one. In the snow I could see my beloved dog Reed standing helplessly in the snow and ice mixture that had fallen the night and days prior. My step mom Rachel went out with a loud sigh to go rescue Reed from the hole he had fallen into. Rachel was a bigger woman, heavy set, she disliked Reed quite a bit, and yet she had to become used to him due to her husband was so attached to him. She stormed out the back door and went a few feet away from the back porch and picked up Reed and brought him inside wiped off all the snow off of his back and paws. She got to his right hind leg and he yelped when she barely touched it.

Rachel went and got her husband Herman to tell him what had happened, Herman's eyes widened when she told him the entire story. Herman then picked up Reed and put him on the couch and then Herman got his oldest son Robert, who was my older brother, even though we didn't look alike we are blood related unlike Anne was to James her younger half brother. Robert kneeled down next to Reed on the couch and slowly started to pet Reed. I also joined him.

Soon after Robert and Anne were petting him James came over and nearly started to pet where Reed was hurt, Robert and I both yelled at the same time;


But James, being four and all didn't pay attention and he barely touched Reed's hind leg and he yelped and moved a bit. Their father came over and pulled James away, and he started to cry. Rachel asked, almost a stupid question.

"Should I..Uh, call a vet?"

Robert and I both just shot her a dirty look.

Herman turned to Robert and said,

"I think it's broken, and yes Rachel, call the vet."

"Okay." She replied, sounding heartless, almost like a robot, mechanical, and broken. As if she didn't care about what was going to happen.

"Anne, sweetie, can you please go next door and play with your friend Veronica?" Herman asked.

"Sure, dad." I replied, but what else could I say? He is my father, and I didn't want to make him mad just incase of something happened.

So I grabbed my torn up black pleather coat, and slid my beige tennis shoes and walked next door in the cold. I knocked on the Nelson's front door that was made from metal and glass, the metal never felt so cold before, or as cold for that matter. I waited patiently until Veronica opened up the door and invited me inside where it was warmer and more illuminated.

Veronica, her kind sweet words, her perfect hair, her perfect looks, rarely any problems but for one, her medical condition of ADD or ADHD, I don't remember exactly. She told me once a while ago but I forget. She's got plenty of friends, girls and guys, loved by everyone. Her light auburn hair, greenish- blue eyes. Veronica is about the world's greatest friend. Her house was like my third home during the summer.

"Hey, can we go to your house and play N64?"

"Sure, why not?"

Sense we never really moved from the door way of her house I waited as she got her coat on and we walked over to my house again, I walked in the door, kicked off my shoes and Veronica did the same.

"We're going upstairs to my room to play video games."

I heard a muffled okay, and then I heard Rachel say,

"The vet's appointment is at 2:00 for Reed."

"What's wrong with Reed, Anne?" Veronica asked.

"I'm not exactly sure, dad says he's got a broken leg, but that's why they scheduled a vet's appointment for him. Hopefully he's okay."

After that, we ran upstairs to my room, turned on my T.V., and then turned on the N64 in order to play "Cruz in' USA" or "Rampage: Universal Tour". The only two N64 games we liked, or could play that was a two or more player game.

Two o'clock rolled around, Herman, Robert and Reed all left in the mini van. Only time could tell what would happen.

After about twenty minutes of playing video games Veronica and I decided to go outside and play with the other kids in the neighborhood. So we grabbed our sleds, gloves and walked down to "Poodle Boy's" house, and we sledded on a hill that was kid-made by a 7 year old. That was awesome even though we later got into an ice/snow fight, and I got nailed in the leg with an ice disk and I nearly ran into a tree while sledding, it as all fun and games until I saw the van pull up beside us and dad rolled down the window.

"Go on home, Anne, it's getting cold." Dad said in a cold, harsh voice, seeming as if the worse of all things had happened, but Anne walked home as told, and got inside and waited in the hall.