Chapter 3

At about 3:00 PM the next day my father, my step mom, James and I loaded into the mini van, with it all packed up for the 3 hour drive up to Fort Wayne, Indiana. With the way the van looked, it looked like we were leaving for about a week, for a place further away than 3 hours.

In the van ride, I had to bring my big boom box because I don't have a small portable C.D. player anymore. I turned it up to about the third little section for volume, and had headphones on, with the random and repeat on "Fallen" by Evanescence blared inside my head. I started to mouth the words, and I drowned out the personal DVD player that James had and the books on tape that Rachel had. Also I drowned out my father talking on the cell phone.

My father is constantly on the cell phone. He always is on it because of his profession, being a limo driver and all. With that he's never home, or when he is home it's like he's not there. He's either asleep or on the phone. Also with him living so far away from school I rarely go out to his house because of those reasons or I don't feel like waking up at 3:00 just to come to my mom's then to school about 6:00 so Robert can get to work on time. It's just too much stress.

I closed my eyes and tried to fall asleep because I don't do good on long road trips, so if I sleep, listen to music or read I'm fine. Just when I'm about to fall asleep my father taps my knee. So I take out my earphones and turn it down.

"Yes, father?"

"Can you turn that down just a bit?"

"Why? It's not that loud?" I replied with bit of an attitude.

"It's too loud because I can hear it."

"Then his is too loud, I can still his over mine."

"Turn it down."


"Am I going to have to learn sign language just to talk to you now?"


"Well, we all know the universal sign language." He finishes his sentence by flipping me off, and I do the same thing.

A little while later like twenty minutes later Rachel starts spazzing.




So my father goes to the next exit and turns around, and I start to get all pissy. Rachel then snaps at me.

"IF ANYONE has a right to be PISSY it's me! Because I haven't missed a Christmas Eve with my family in 32 years!"

I didn't say anything but I thought it. "Well, you didn't care about Reed, I'm sure you actually welcomed his death, one less animal left in the house, and one less you have to worry about. And you can have another Christmas Eve but never another Reed."

From there on out I got pissed with her at every thing she said. She's made these comments several times.

"The Damn Dog slips and falls on the ice, but no one cared this much when I fell and hurt my ankle!"

"I'd just wish that that Damn Dog would lay down and die." Needless to say she got her wish.


Rachel could be really nice if she tried, and she's normally nice when I've got friends around, but she doesn't care about when Veronica is over, she's mean to me now when Veronica is over. But the only time she's nice to me is when my dad is around because she'll know she'd get yelled at if she got mad with me when my dad was around because I rat her out.

Rachel also isn't very nice. She could honestly do something, and then blame it on someone else and say she didn't do it. Herman always took her side, no matter what. Unless my mother stepped in and yelled at him.

After we got home, we all un-loaded and my father and I headed out for the mall, to make up for the mall trip we'd loose today in Indiana.

My father and I both liked the mall in Indiana better, but sense my step mom didn't want to take a chance; we had to turn around and go home. We wandered the mall for a few hours, and then went home. I went next door to get Veronica, and then we played video games in my room for a while.

So reflecting over these two days have sucked. But I guess I have to get over it. My father and I also got into a fight later on that night.

"Anne, come here."


So after we walked to the stairwell and we got into a fight.

"There is a woman in the other woman you treat worse than dirt."

"That's not true! She treats me worse when you're not around."

"It is true, there are people that you hate at your school that you treat better then her!"

"That's not true dad, I help her with stuff, I even help take care of James. If I didn't help take care of him who would if the Nelson/ Rominuck family wasn't next door?"

"That's not the point."

"She doesn't even care about Reed's Death."

"How do you figure?"

"Did you not hear her in the car earlier, and with Veronica and your mother as my witness she's said SEVERAL nasty things about Reed." (The things listed above.)

"Also, if Bee were to run away, she'd be all upset and depressed, but if Cub ran away she wouldn't care."

"That's not true!"

"Wanna bet?"


"But also I'm upset because that while I was out having fun my favorite dog was dying. Do you know what that feels like?"

"So you're feeling guilty because you were being a kid?"


"Aww, honey come here." And we hugged and the fight was over. Tada.

This story was written in Loving Memory of Buddy "Bud" Griffin (Reed in the story) Who died December 23rd, 2004. 2 months shy of his 17th birthday.

1987-2004 He will be sadly missed. I miss you Buddy.

That concludes this story, thank you for reading, have a wonderful 2005.