Lonely tombstone
All forlorn.
Year you were born
Year you died
Doesn't say
how you laughed
and cried.

Wonderful mother
Loving wife
Is this the sum total
of someone's life?

Beloved daughter
Sadly missed.
No mention of
Your first sweet kiss.

What of your childhood?
When you bruised your knee
As you pulled me up
When I couldn't climb a tree?

Or the times in school
When you stood up for me
When I was being picked on
By the class bully?

Or the time you supported me
When my mother died
Holding me, supporting me
When I broke down and cried?

It neglects to say
how you had so many friends
Or of how when you made mistakes
you always fought to make amends

It doesn't talk of lovers
Doesn't mention broken hearts
Or the struggle to rebuild yourself
when you fell apart.

I couldn't begin to tell your tale
If I wrote a million words
but to limit it to just twelve?
That really is absurd.

Lonely tombstone.
Just two dates
Can a whole life
Be reduced
To this?