Keep Your Prize

by: trista groulx

Keep that prize on the highest shelf
Away form prying eyes
Away from all past temptations
We all know were succumbed to
Parade your prize where you will
And even take it's name
To make them all so jealous
That you got that prize
And they got nothing
But keep it on the highest shelf
Away from grabby hands
Away from all the past temptations
To parade for all you knew and know
Reminding them who got the prize
Who you must keep away from them
Away from wayward hand- eyes
Thinking the past will repeat itself
Like that prize is worth all that
Like we ever really care anymore
As if you alone can keep him there
Upon that highest shelf away from all
Where every may look about the prize
To know you have it to yourself
But never really touch, only half see
You got the coveted prize
The one they all once wanted
You think yourself so blessed
Knowing they must be so jealous
Not realizing that it's different now
So keep it from past temptations
Keep it upon the highest shelf
And keep believing it is the ultimate prize
Make sure we cannot touch
You know that you have won
Do you feel happy or alone?