You don't want to see this pain that you've caused

You continue to hide behind your lies

You tell her that me and you are friends

Nothing more, nothing less

You whisper sweet nothings into her ear

Not true but she believes them anyway

You refuse to watch me cry

So you turn the other way

You can't possibly dry

The tears as they trickle down my cheek

Because the cause of them is you

Your words become spiteful and hard to read

You want me to hate you

Because you know you screwed up

You want me to let go

Because you don't think your worthy of holding on to

You're ashamed

You let me down

You swore to yourself that you'd never hurt me

Guess there's a first time for everything

I call out to you

Scream your name

But you pretend not to hear

Because you're too ashamed

You can't accept the fact that

The reason why I'm crying

Is you

For so long you fought my fears

Dried all my tears

Brought me strength when I was weak

Now you let me down

Brought me a rainstorm of tears

Made me weak

You were the hero

The god

My only hope

I stare into your eyes

From across the courtyard

You glare back

But only for a moment

You try to escape the truth

You try covering it up with lies

"I didn't love her at all"

But deep down we both know

You always have and always will

You're just too ashamed

Cause you know you brought me pain