I am what people hang on to as they pray, cleansing their sins in the process.

I am no savior, just shoulders bearing the faults of humanity.

I do not grant every wish but i try my best to pave a way.

I am the reincarnation of what people have created me to be.

I grow larger as each person dies, carrying on their wishes that they fail to fulfill.

I bear a huge responsibility, not knowing whether i might fail my objective.

I am the one that can not be trusted in the time of need.

I fulfill my goal in the oddest of times.

I am very lonely, always watching people die, as I live.

I wish that other people would acknowledge my bearings of suffering.

I hope one day there will be eternal tranquility.

I see that the roads of life are nothing but a huge burden.

I have one objective: to better people's lives.

I am selfish, wishing that they can bear the pain I provide.

I hear prayers everyday, hoping that no one would die.

I fear nothing, for pain and death have no hold on me.

I judge what people wish and what people need.

I wish to be like god but i am a mere imitation.

I am Hope.