My name is Max, I run my own Landscaping company. My life was straight forward with no complications until a woman by the name of Judith came into my life and turned my week upside down.

I met up with the couple that wanted a quote on renovating and landscaping their new property. The two women were quite keen on hiring a woman for the job and hence laid out their plans for a low maintenance garden with paving around the new pool and gazebo spa. Plants, shrubs the works blah blah and it was made clear to me by one of the women that no statues or bird baths. I gave them my quote, and was hired a week later.

One my first day I surveyed the area again. The yard although not overly large was going to require lots of labouring which I expected to take a few weeks maybe as I work solo.

The first few days were cleaning up and preparation. An old shed had to be pulled down, plants and old pavers pulled up and cart all it away. Today was particularly hot so I took off the top half of my overalls and tied around my waist just leaving me with a tank top. With my earphones on listening to the radio I continued the manual labour. I was tapped on the shoulder causing me to jump. I took my earphones off and turned around

"I'm sorry if I startled you thought you would like a cold drink." Offered the young lady

"Umm thanks miss."

"Call me Judith, jeez it's a hot one today. You should put some sunscreen, don't want to burn."

I drained the drink and declined the offer of sunscreen. I gave her back the glass but she didn't leave straight away.

"So Max how did you get into gardening?"

"Landscaping.." I corrected "By accident, started out helping a friend of the family, like the outdoors so developed my own business." I could see Judith wasn't really listen too busy looking me over.

Judith seemed quite young mid 20s if that. Trying not to take too much notice but she was fairly girlie like compared to me. She had a gorgeous figure and knew how to flirt as I was finding out.

"Hard work for a woman, Mmm you are pretty fit you must workout to keep that shape."

"The job keeps me fit, if you will excuse me I must get back to it….thanks again for the drink Judith." I turned my back and put my earphones back on.

The end of another day and I was securing things for tomorrows work and loading my tools into the ute when Judith's girlfriend strode up to me.

"So when do you start paving the entertainment area."

I cocked my head to the side "Umm I think." But was cut off

"No." she growled "when?"

I frowned at her tone "day after tomorrow I expect."

"Ok like I said when I hired you this needs to be completed within 2 weeks, I have some overseas visitors and I want this mess cleaned up do you think you can achieve that?" demanded the woman

My back was up at her attitude "Yes." I gritted out then left promptly