"Please I need to get to the hospital" pleads Judith to the police officers

"ok I know we just need to get this right. Now your ex girlfriend threaten to assault you and assaulted your new girlfriend of which you been together for 2 days with a crowbar."

Judith put her head in her hands in frustration "No a spade she hit Max with a spade, I hit her with a crowbar. She was going to kill her and she probably would have come after me." Her voice breaking under the strain

"But if she's your ex girlfriend why was she so jealous all of a sudden."

"Because she didn't like what we were doing in her pool I guess."

"And you have been split up with your ex for how long." Asked the officer curiously

"2 years." Lied Judith

"If that is the case why do you still live here?" The other officerquestioning Judith's living arrangements.

"We always got on well together, as friends is what I mean." Stuttered Judith. "I have never seen her jealous until today and she just went psycho. Please I need to get to the hospital." Judith close to tears

The officer satisfied his questions were answered and got another officer to take her to the hospital

Once Judith had left the officer walked over to his partner. "Well what do you think, do you believe her?"

"Guess we can't exactly ask her side of the story." And they watch the coroner zip up the black body bag containing Judith's ex girlfriend


"No no no I said the pop up sprinklers go along the edge of the lawn and evenly spaced, jeez I drew you a map."Max grumbled

"Your map isn't clear, you can always do it yourself grumpy." Answered back Judith

"I would if I ever get this damn plaster cast off."Max said in frustration

Judith put her shovel down and went over to her now stressing girlfriend and stroked her face

"Hey it won't be long sweetheart." And gave her a reassuring hug "anyway as your new employee I guess this means you are entitled to certain perks." Judith rubsMax's chest

"Oh am I." Curious at where this was leading

"Uh ha" and Judith proceeded to rub the inside ofMax's thighs

"Hmmm I suppose being the boss has its advantages and it has been at least 2 hours since your last sexual favour."Max grabbed her hand to lead her inside butJudith stood her ground

"We are in the seclusion of our own yard." She whisper

I looked around at the acres of country that was now part of our back yard.

"Mmmm yes, but I don't know if the country is ready for my throes of passion." And laugh at her idea

Judith taking her job seriously and unzipsMax's pants, wets her finger and eases in slowly.

"Let's find out shall we." She says with a smile