Before i write this, i just want to day i am a American and am very proud of my country.

So please don't critizize my for my views

People always say to me

"You should be proud to be an American"

"To live in the land of the free"

To them I say yes

But something my heart always seems to trouble me

Of course I love my country

Which gives so much to me

But what about this war?

People say it's needed

To help our country be "free"

But just take a look around you

At all the people dying

And not just the Americans

Look at....

The man walking to work

The women baking bread

The boys playing ball

The little girls walking to school

One minute they're there......

The next minute they're gone

"Sounds like a war to me"

"Of course things like that will happin"

"What did you expect, an instant victory?"

The sad thing is

That part isn't made up

Before i go, i'll answer one question

I didn't expect "an instant victory"

But it seems everyone else did