(Obscenity) Surg: Bastard.

(Obscenity) Olk: Fuck.

(Obscenity) Crug: Heavy insult that means one who blows goats.

Kadad-Karam: The last stronghold of the dark dwarves.

Til: The capital of the empire.

Raror: A major imperial city.

Yaror's Bastion: The capital of dwarven society.

Ironfoot Bastion: A dwarven stronghold.

Kada-Kazhud: A dwarven stronghold.

Greenleaf Plain: A halfling village.

Brookrun Village: A halfling village.

Azpecz: An elven fortress.

Turyin: An elven city.

Eltioc: The elven capital.

Yazaz: The last dark elf stronghold in the west.

Cracktooth Gorge: An orcish encampment.

Turngut Peak: Gurg Steeleye's stronghold.

The Darklands: The wastes of the north, populated by barbarians.

Illia: The southern deserts.

Annabelle Straighteye: A human ranger. One of the main characters.

Thogrim Thunderhilt: A dwarven warrior. One of the main characters.

Crana Tirti: A halfling rogue. One of the main characters.

Seph: A dark elf warlord. Chieftan of Yazaz.

Gurg Steeleye: A legendary orcish warlord. Warlord of Turngut Peak.

Psychosis: A blind dark elf assassin who works for the forces of Chaos.

Ariel Straycut: The queen of the elves. A powerful mage.

Setinus Rorgat: The emporer.

Sir Cedric von Sedviski: A mysterious warrior from the north.

Gillritara: The red dragon of the Screaming Mountains.

(Will put more characters in as they appear)