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"Can you to run any faster?" Klyce ask nervously, clinging to Daren's shirt.

"Would you like to carry me?" he growls. Daren had never done much running in his life. The only thing that kept him going was an endurance spell he learned a few years earlier. It had to be used carefully, though, because later the exhaustion it kept off would come back and haunt him.

Sorya was in even worse shape. She had no spell and was about to drown in her own sweat. Mr. Daren doesn't seem to need to stop so you sure can't! Come on Sorya! You can beat him!! Just one painful step at a time. Sorya wipes the sweat from her forehead and trips. His Royal Highness Daren keeps running, oblivious to Sorya's plight

"Daren!" she yells, "Wait! No, never mind! I give up." Sorya falls to the ground and curls up to go to sleep. Her eyelids close and she can feel the vibration of Daren's footsteps walking toward her. Tarence was jumping up and down on her face. "What's the point of going on? I can't see anything beside the stupid dirt anywhere." Sorya tries to cool her burning lungs by taking deep breaths but the air is to dry

"It's just an illusion!" Tarence yells and starts pulling her hair.

"Come on Sorya, we need to keep going," says Daren in his cool voice. He scoops her up off the ground and Sorya shivers at the coldness his body emits. She pokes his stomach and is dropped onto the ground.

"Ooof! Don't touch me and don't talk to me!" She stands up and stomps away, boiling. He just picks her up like a little child who wouldn't go to bed! Of all the nerve!


"I said not to talk to me." Sorya steps forward and slips on a patch of ice. "That is it, Daren! Go away NOW! I cannot stand being around you anymore! LEAVE ME ALONE!" Sorya's face is red with anger. The embarrassment that Daren saw her fall is the only thing that keeps her from blowing up.

"I can't."



"I told you not to speak to me!" Sorya snaps. Daren kneels in front of her and starts to write on the ground. The ring glitters on his left hand and Sorya's hand flies to cover a gasp. Daren doesn't seem to notice and keeps writing in his fancy script.

Fine, but we need to move on.

"I'm to tired," she complains. Daren is married?! Tarence yanks her hair as hard as possible. "That hurt!" She resists flicking the tiny man and instead dangles him upside down in front of her face.

"He's right, we are almost there! A few minutes left."

I could help with your little problem, Daren writes. He stands up before Sorya can say anything and places his forefinger between Sorya's eyes. Cross-eyed, she tries to figure out what he is doing when the spell hits her.

He could have killed her without a second thought, right then, but instead sends a wave of cold through her body. Her blood freezes, and she gasps when she feels her heart skip a few beats. Sorya's shivering sends little droplets of frozen sweat flying in all directions.

"W-what did y-you do?" stutters Sorya. Her lips turn blue and her face takes on a pasty white. She stops breathing and, in a few seconds, falls to the ground unconscious. The fiery wall in Sorya shrinks and the soul inside bursts out. A bright light surrounds Sorya and grows until Daren, Tarence, and Klyce cover their eyes. An ear-splitting hum fills the air and Daren screams.

Not soon enough, the hum stops and the light fades to leave a small woman in Sorya's place. Her green eyes, even misty from whatever happened, glare at Daren so intensly that he steps back. Her short brown hair blows around her face and she sits up. She doesn't seem to have as many curves as Sorya, Daren notes with disappointment. Her eyes are defiantly her best feature. He measures her up out of habit before wondering where Sorya is.

"OOH! Daren's gonna get in trroouubble!" taunts Tarence. He shakes his finger at Daren and flies to the woman. Landing, her asks, "Are you all right?"

"No," she says in a recognizable voice. Daren takes another step away before she continues. "What's wrong with him," she looks around, "Where am I? Who are you? What is going on?!" Some of her memories pop back into her head and her face goes blank.

"Don't hurt me!" she screeches. Fire erupts around her and Tarence disappears in the blaze. Klyce sends out a small prayer when Tarence doesn't reappear right away. "Leave me alone! I'm sorry! Forgive me! Please," she cries. The woman curls into a ball and the fire goes out, leaving Daren speechless for the first time in a long while.

"Miss?" is all he is able to say. If he hadn't been so stunned, he would have slapped himself. 'Miss' wasn't something a person like him usually said. When her eyes widen, Daren musters up a scowl. A look of panic fills her eyes. Darkness gathers around the women and she yells in fear.

As the darkness wears off, Sorya lies stiff on the ground. Her eyes narrow and she stares up at Daren. "I. Can't. Move. STUPID!" Sorya runs her tongue along her teeth to melt the ice holding them. Daren looks at her, confused, until Tarence appears.

"The spell you used, it was only meant to be used on the caster, not someone else. You've frozen all her joints. You'll have to carry her the rest of the way," he explains.

"NO!" Sorya yells, rocking back and forth to get away. It was bad enough she would be totally dependent on Daren while she was like this. It was even worse that she was wanting Daren to carry her. Sorya banishes these thought from her head before she can blush.

Daren bends to grab her shoulders and begins to drag her in the direction Klyce points.

"No, no, no! I can do this by myself! Meanie!"

"This isn't working," Daren thinks out loud. He gently lays Sorya back on the ground. Daren kneels down and manages to move the ice from her hips, allowing her to sit up. Preparing to pick her up again, the energy spells finally catch up to him.

The world spins in Daren's eyes and a headache explodes in his head. Blood rushes away from his face, turning it a pasty white.

"Daarren!" sings Sorya. " Hello? Sorya to Daren are you there? I repeat: Are You THERE?" Daren does nothing. Klyce still hovers a few not many yards away with Tarence. The clouds have cleared, exposing the bright orange sun. A small earthquake rocks the ground and a crack appears under Sorya.

"We need to keep moving. The Wall is only a little farther," shivers Klyce. Sorya says nothing and Daren keeps gasping. She is left to whine, "Tarence!"

"I sure can't do anything!" he snaps.

"You could at least try!"

"You certainly can't do anything, so that means I can't do anything. Amazing!"

"Don't give me that! You can do something I can't."

"Not while Daren is conscious."

"Knock him out! And would it really matter if their lives depend on you doing that?" Klyce glows with anger and frustration toward Tarence.

"It would defiantly matter." Tarence ends the conversation by turning his back to her. The sun sinks lower, making the clouds golden in color.

"We need to get help," they say together, and disappear together.

Cracking sounds fill the air as the ground under Sorya slowly grows farther apart. "Help me, you bum!" squeaks Sorya. Daren shakes his and a reply slips out before he can stop it. "Yes, Damsel in Distress," he sneers.

"I will never get that low," Sorya growls. "I'm about to fall to my death and you should feel guilty 'cause you caused it!!" Instead of responding, Daren bends down and grabs her waist. She giggles and Daren lets go.

"Was that you?" Daren looks questioningly into her scowling face. It had seemed impossible that this woman had the ability to giggle.

Sorya's scowl fades and she giggles again, then goes hysterical. She keeps giggling until tears spring into her face. "Isn't this so much fun? We're stuck in the middle of no where and the only two things who knew where to go have disappeared!" Daren looks around and notices that Tarence and Klyce are both missing. "I'm stuck her with you while I can't even wiggle my toes!" She sobs even more until Daren can't under stand a word.

She's right, she can't move. I could do anything and she wouldn't be able to stop me. He smiles to himself. Sobered, she says, "I knew I would end up an old maid," she says calmly, staring hopelessly at the sky, "but I thought I would know my mother and father longer. Now one's dead and the other I might never be able to see again. Wahh!" Sorya bursts into tears again, bewildering Daren even more. He looks at her cautiously and makes the decision to put his theory to work.

"You will see your mother again." Pushing his luck, Daren sits behind Sorya and lays her head in his lap. She seems stunned by this action and he strokes her hair. "Your father is always with you and," fake tears fill his eyes, "you will never end up an old maid." Daren leans closer to kiss her and finally be whole. He feels his soul ready to come back to him.

"You wish!" Warmth floods Sorya's body and the ice melts. Inches before their lips meet, Sorya punches him, breaking Daren's nose for the second time in two days. Again the only thing that keeps her in control is embaressment. Sorya feels the fiery tide just under the surface, ready to swamp her.

"Not again," he groans, freezing the nose straight. Daren looks up from the ground and sees Sorya has vanished. "Where'd she go?"

A hand touches his left shoulder, searing the skin. Daren turns to see his attacker. There smirking stands Cynthia. Daren's jaw drops. She holds Sorya up by her blonde hair shakes her in front of his face.

"Looking for this?" Cynthia holds Sorya closer to Daren and flings the lifeless girl into his arms. "You best watch her a little more closely. 'Lord Balt' and the red dragon are both after her." She cackles. Spying the ring on Daren's hand, she laughs even harder. "You still have it! And I bet you haven't told her about us." Cynthia reaches to wake Sorya and a wall of ice stops her. "Now you are protecting her! How cute. You must care for her…or what is in her. I wonder which one it is?" Breathing on the wall, the ice melts. A little of the breath touches Sorya and she cries out. Daren looks down at her helplessly and drops Sorya when she opens her eyes. Red flecks fly through them.

Sorya fills with fear that this woman was going to kill Daren. After Daren drops her, Sorya lets the fire fill her. Wings flash open and send Sorya flying toward Cynthia.

Daren sprints away, hoping to make it far enough to be out of the two women's range. Someone shrieks and he risks being tripped to found out whom. Cynthia stands serenely while Sorya is a blur speeding toward her.

"Is that all?" asks Cynthia. A spear of light has flown through her. Sorya stands only a handful of feet away. More fire speeds toward Cynthia until she disappears in the red-orange glow. When it dims, she still stands cool and calm and dread overflows Sorya.

"Nice try," Cynthia waves her hand in Sorya's direction and wall of fire surrounds the other woman. Little strings of it wrap around her arms and legs until she can't move. Another wave of Cynthia's arm does the same to Daren. Being a winterwizard and not immune to fire, she keeps the small strings from attaching to him.

"You'll pay for this!" threatens Sorya. The strings tighten around her throat, choking her. She struggles but they hang tight and Sorya blacks out. When she does, her fire shrinks and disappears.

Cynthia's fire disappears also, and the cages do too. She turns to Daren and says, "You must have lost your touch, there Daren. Before I came to court, you had every woman in you bed within the week. You've known this child for what, two? You had better get what you want from her soon." The ground folds between her and Daren and she now stands nose-to-nose with him.

"Now excuse me while I make your life even harder by telling her who you really are," Cynthia whispers into his ear. She laughs and the ground shakes.

"Don't!" pleads Daren. He was sure that if Sorya found out, he'd be a goner. She would never trust him to get within twenty feet.

"But I must. Everything in life has to be hard," says Cynthia, wiggling her finger under his nose. "Especially for me and you. My brainless 'master' would like me to deliver the girl to him. That certainly won't happen so it is easiest to reveal your past. Oh great, I'm turning into a rambling idiot! To long being alone, I say."

Light from the sun has dimmed slowly and the first stars twinkle. Cynthia crosses the hard ground and pauses in front of Sorya. She smiles and crouches next to her. Touching Sorya's forehead, Cynthia channels some of her memories through her arm and into Sorya's head. "That should make life easier." Black lightening flashes in the clear sky and produces a small frown for Cynthia.

"Nice chatting, but I have to go. Tootles!" Cynthia turns away from Daren to face the lightening. He imagines thousands of daggers protruding from her back and adds his own. To his dismay, she laughs. "Late again, dearest Daren. My message has been sent, and my friend is on his way. You should make yourself scarce while he's around."

"Why should I? I'm all ready as good as dead!"

"Because he has yet to forgive you for cursing him. Shoo!" Sorya stirs and then yells something at Daren. Her words are lost in the rolling thunder

Hands grab Daren's shoulder and he is pulled into a wall of leaves. He can tell Sorya is next to him because their captors muffle curses. She gasps and falls still. Daren struggles slightly to help her. After all, part of him is in Sorya. But something hits the back of his head and Daren goes unconscious.


Sorya's eyelids flutter open and she gazes blankly at the whitewashed ceiling. A little bug crawls slowly from one corner of her vision to the other. "Anyone in here?" she calls out. No one answers and Sorya begins to worry.



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