--Always there--

I was always there for you

Whenever you needed me

Whenever you wanted me

Do you remember?

Have forgotten what you were?

You were confused.

You were alone.

You needed help.

And I was there.




I was scared,

I needed to make sure you were all right.

I was worried,

I needed to see if you were still alive.

Every night I used to cry.

Every night I needed to speak to you.

I needed to hear your voice,

To see if you needed any help.

I gave you my heart and my soul.

You told me that I was the only thing worth living for.

I don't think you care anymore.

You've forgotten it all.

I wish you could know what happened to me.

Those few months of your unhappiness,

Took away a part of me,

And replaced it with something from my past.

Something I didn't want to go back to,

Something I wanted to leave hidden and buried.

But it was brought back, and is now with me.

Cutting, suicide, death…

All things I wish never existed

But they do.

Please try and remember

I love you, I did everything I could to help you

Now that you are cured…can you help me?

Can you try and give back all I gave to you?

Can you send me back in time?

To the moment you first told me?

To the first time you felt unhappy?

So that things could be different now?

All around me is darkness.

No one is here for me to talk to.

There is only the emptiness eating away inside.

There are memories.

There is pain.

There is doubt.

There is sadness.

There is anger.

There is confusion.

There is hope.



i hope this made sense....