Some years ago
At Dunblane
And event occurred
Which caused great pain.
"Why?" they ask,
And again they cry
"Why did my little one
Have to die?
Is it part
Of some greater plan
If he hadn't killed himself
I'd kill that man!"

One man's actions
Were all it took.
One man acted
And the whole world shook.
One or two children
Were all that survived.
The others were dead
Too long to be revived.
"Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!"
The guns said
"Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!"
And they were dead.

The killer was a man
Called Thomas Hamilton
A ment'ly disturbed man
Allowed to have a gun.
"He's all right
He's a good shot" they said
And because of that
Fourteen children lie dead.
They were having a lesson!
They were doing PE!
They were just playing round

Some years ago
At Dunblane
An event occurred
Which caused great pain.
An event which caused
A great furore
And modifications
To the gun law.
One boy lay beneath a corpse
Luck'ly escaped the guns.
As his father said
"What will I tell my son?"

Although they died
Upon that day
In our memories
They'll always stay
They've gone to meet
A God who's kind
But think on the families
Left behind.
They'll never get over
They'll never get past
Those moments that were
their children's last

They'll never stop thinking
"What if I had done..?
Would it have saved
My daughter, my son?"
This event destroyed
Their community
Things can never return
To how they used to be.
The rest of us
Well what can we say?
For them we can only
Hope and pray.