The girl knelt down to stare at her reflection on the wet pavement. It took him a minute before realising she wasn't next to him anymore and, slowing down, he turned to watch her. It was pouring and, after spending an hour flirting with the rain, he wanted to go someplace warm. She seemed transfixed, wet spreading under & over her folded legs. Today, she had worn what she called her grunge era Kurt Cobain-style jeans. Washed-out with one of the knees torn. She thought that was funny.

The boy's thin shirt clung to him as he shivered, waiting for her to start walking again. She didn't move, which made him say she was already soaked and going to be sneezing later on. This Time, she quickly glanced at him with her right eye before casting it back to the ground. The girl was wearing a patch over the left one, sometimes lifting a hand to stroke it. She had told him how a daemon in her dreams ripped it out with a fork and how she didn't want him to see that big gaping red hole. Seriously.

He couldn't say he actually believed her, even though a rail of red trailed down her cheek when she had cried earlier. She only cried when she was happy, which was often. A grey road, beautiful words, blue curling smoke, a red leaf, a cup of tea.. Tear, tear, tears. When the boy came by or when he kissed her.. He loved her salty taste but he had never brought flowers anymore by fear her eyes would break.

The past had caught up and locked her mind, her parents sending her from specialist to hospital. The girl kept a strange sort of silence and stopped crying for a while. For the entire last month, he had daily spent his money on roses, daisies, lilies, sunflowers and ferns; hoping the delicate tides would show again. It had been hard at first -but they came back- and he could bathe his lips once more in their clarity.

The boy smiled at the girl as she finally picked herself off the street. She took his hand and tugged, seemingly impatient. Purple clouds above spat plump drops on their two silhouettes, dancing a strange sort of waltz. He made her twirl on her tip-toes as the skies came crashing down and she sang a song that smelled like cut lemon grass. How he loved his faery girl, just enough to protect her from the world.