For lexy

Across a room of a thousand tears
He forgets about the years
Blinded by a material world
He doesn't see the love from her

Memories that fade away
Over blissed summer days
Every word he said; memorized
Burned in her heart where it lies

Faded is his love for her
He just can't see the burn
Everything that she gave
Just to be tortured; in pain

A million tears shed for love
And unheard prayers for broken trust
For him, she humbly bows down
Whispering a silent vow

But her vow goes unheard
And she continually yearns
Longing for his sweet embrace
Without the touch of acid pain

Once a heart with no imprint
Now it bleeds; bleeds for him
Bleeding for the love she gave
Over blissed summer days

Can you hear her broken soul?
Releasing all it's control
Yet he still turns a blind eye
Never knowing or caring why

Never giving her a chance
Letting her dance her own dance
Not a thought that goes to her
Not ever giving her a turn

She cries at night for his heart
But say your prayers upon a star
Don't play games with your head
His soul is cold and dead

It may seem you want to scream
But for now just dream a dream
And look back at what you gave
Over blissed summer days