Pills lined across the tabletop,

So many different pain-relievers,

None of them meant for fixing a part of a dead heart.

None of them meant for a young soul who had so much to live for.

Yet she didn't care.

She let the tears run down her face, as she slowly began to take all the pills, one by one.

One pill after another, taking small sips of water to get them down.

She just let them all go inside her mouth, down her throat.

Slowly killing herself, due to an over dose of medication.

In her mind she kept thinking, "In a little while I'd be done."

Some would morn, maybe not.

She was the social outcast at school.

If you asked if people if they knew her, they'd probably respond, "Who's that?"

She'd be a name on a polished rock, a forgotten soul that would slowly drift out of care.

Many people don't care until it's too late.

The names on the pill bottles, didn't match hers,

She just kept taking them though.

The pills she took all had an expiration date of "January 2007"

She expired before they did.

Her headstone reads "Here Lies Elizabeth "Angel" Angela Baker. Born: April 23rd, 1989 Death: January 7, 2005"

A single black rose lays atop her head stone, one her mother left, after she found her daughter, pale white, lifeless, and ice cold.