Lost Tears

We walk, arms around each other.
Silently knowing what's coming.
Not saying, or even admitting out loud.
It starts to rain and all I can think of is tears.
Falling silently but deeply, as if they know me.
Walking, through the delicate raindrops disturbing them as we go.
Crossing roads with not a care as we can think of nothing else but us.
People walk pass not noticing or even caring.
They come between, breaking you from my grasp.
I try to hold on but can no longer as you disappear into the crowd.
I look around not seeing, heart dropping. But, finally, I see you.
We come together once more as you peck me on the cheek.
I wrap my arms around you ever so tight not wanting to let you go.
But, I realise where were going thoughts cloud my mind.
We reach our final destination and I know we have to say goodbye.
As the raindrops splatter against my cheeks I hug you and we kiss, one last time.
I say I love you and begin to cry.
You rub my cheek and tell me not to fear.
But that you love me and will always be here, as you place your hand on my heart.
Then one true last kiss and you go to step on the bus our linking fingers slowly break up.
I watch you sit down and wave goodbye as my hearts breaking seeing you leave and knowing that is goodbye.
So I pull my hood over and walk down the road replaying your last words in my head.
As the tears roll silently down my cheeks and I realise your really gone.
I look up at the sky and notice the heavens crying and realise my tears are just lost in this big world forever lying.

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