Little Soft Smiles

I sit waiting as we file through traffic.
Anticipating your arrival, hoping you'll call soon.
So I watch the rain splatter aimlessly down.
As we pull up to the station, hoping waiting.
You text me asking, "Where are you?" and I get out to find you.
I think I see you, but it can't be I say.
As you walk straight pass me, not even noticing.
So I run back to the car as you wait somewhere.
You ring me and I go searching again, in the end it was you.
So I walk up nervous as hell as we awkwardly stand not knowing what to say.
Then we get in the car, silence except a CD, which is uninteresting to either of us.
We sit in silence no words come to our lips, as we drive home.
Later we get to my bedroom, again sitting in silence, awkward silence at that, not
knowing what to say really.
Little jokes about how we've talked so much the conversations have run dry.
But yet you move closer drumming your fingers on your thigh to Linkin Park as
our bodies slowly become side by side.
You carefully place your arm around my shoulders as your thumb caresses my
cheek and slowly moves my head closer to yours.
Then the beat of the music fades away as we tilt our heads and our lips meet
for the very first time, warm, soft and very much inviting.
We move apart slowly as we look into each other's eyes and silently saying,
"I Love You" With little soft smiles.

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