AN: such odd things happen to me, or not. Whatever, this is what my journal lif I kept one would look like, if your interested. Probably not. Luv Hannah banana

If you are used to a weird person, do they become normal?


11.20- Mrs. Hall's GH

Yep, to improve my note taking skills, I'm starting a journal. A New Year's Resolution. Plus, I now have somewhere to rant. I have lost the page of Lizard Summer that I wanted to work on. FOIL is confusing w/ radicals. If she says "Yes, no, maybe" one more time… need to change subject.

I have also Resulted to actually do WELL in classread-pay attention take something resembling notes tell me, what is the point of this question-

10 times square root of 6 minus 13 times square root of 6. The answer is negative 3 times the square root of 6. What is the point of negative numbers? Why isn't 12 a cube number? I think it should be.

11.38- still Hall's GH

Oh. My. God. I think I almost understand this.

11.46-waiting for bell to ring

To do list: 1) finish PSA wkst. 2) CDs to/from Mr. Chi Chi 3) hurt Mr. Chi Chi for giving me a name like Vasquelita 4)GH hw 5) find Lizard Summer page

11.54 2nd lunch reading period

Something happened to the squid that the upperclassmen were dissecting. During first period it smelled like an illegal Chinese fish market exploded in the halls. Suring second period the janitiors held foot races in the halls w/ Lysol cans so the air's back to being unfit for snake breeding. The smell of squid still lingers out side to choke those of us who have portable classes. And right before lunch too.

12.01 note to Mr. Chi Chi

What cha drawin'

Tryin's to brainstorm for Ploina!

Ohh1 what part, the end or beginning?

Ehh, don't really know, whats a fun vehicle

Three wheelers, they don't make them anymore

Anything I would own?

An Erkle mobile. Like the one Steve Erkel built on 'Family Matters'. Those things really do exist.

circles the I would own above

Oh,like something your house? What about a scooter? Razor, blade zoomies, those things

Ok a scooter being pulled by a bike

Or a Radio flyer Red Wagon. I always wanted one of those


I got the camera working fine and Kevin is getting me software so we'll start in 2 weeks.

Cool. The three stats are You, Ryan and Your brother, right?

Heck yes

Why, is Aaron wearing all pink?

Hes going gay

So does Ryan have any pink shirts

No but I do… …

So does Bobert.

I don't even know what to say to that, Vasquelita

Hey, that's

And then the bell ran we went to lunch. Confucius came back w/o his braces. Mr. Chi Chi was teased endlessly about calling himself gay.


When I become upperclassmen, promise never to scream randomly during class changes

Feb 5 WG comp.

3.13 Mr. McCaskill's PSA

Aka hell in a room. TP1 told off by Vasquelita

Tp1- I wasn't talking lie blah blah blah You gotta hear me out

v- we hear you every day in class

class- ohh…she just dissed you …various elbow gestures

v- smirks

tp1- ah! surprised sniff

reminder to me: do easy hw, laugh kids trying to hide ipods. Laugh teachers who don't catch them

7.19- computer

Do you know that 'A Time to Kill' has 44 chapters? And 515 pages? That's a lot to take notes on. I'm on chapter 16


Found missing LS page. Feel really stupid cause it was sitting here whole time


Realized you are completely lost on what Mr. Chi Chi and I were talking about. Polina is the name of his film he's making. Polina is a mentally retarded girl who is in a wheel chair and is aided by her friend Timothy formerly Farbis and a stereo typically gay professor who isn't gay, to fly, which is her dream.

AN: please, if you flame, realize that I really do have a friend who is making this movie, I did not come up with that part. -hb