When it comes to things unseen, how much is too much? Where do you draw the line between faith and just plain insanity? This is the story of Malorie, her friends and family, and her journey to find out if she's over the edge.

Chapter 1

"So tell me again, because I still don't get it. Why are you not nervous about this test?" Vinny (Vince), Malorie's best friend asked, referring to her Spanish final.

"Because whatever grade I happen to get, I know it's in God's plan, and it was meant to be that way. No amount of worrying could change that." Malorie answered calmly.

"Did you even study?" Vinny gave Malorie a weird look.

"Again, God has final say in what grade I get, so no amount of studying would've done any good either." Malorie answered.

"You HAVE heard of 'free will' haven't you?" Vinny questioned.

"What do you mean?" she replied.

"God doesn't control everything in your life. There are some choices He allows you to make on your own. You could fail this test and it wouldn't be because God didn't want you to pass. It would be because God gave you the choice and you made the wrong one." Vinny answered her with total seriousness.

"I never- No! You're wrong! If God doesn't want me to fail, He won't let me." Malorie said firmly.

"Whatever you say." Vinny started. "Good luck."

"You too." Malorie said.

Corrie, Malorie's other friend, was on a bench outside during her free period. Her black hair was hanging in her face, hiding her blue eyes from view. Naturally, she was bent over her lyric book, a ratty old composition notebook, as she was every free period. She jotted a couple of things down, then erased part of it. Jotted more, and erased more. It went on like that for about five more minutes, interrupted by the ringing of the bell. It didn't cause her to move, just shut the notebook. She looked around for sign of Malorie, Vinny, or Mark.

Malorie and Vinny approached her, talking away as usual.

"… and so that's why- Oh, hey Corrie." Malorie said, seeing her black-haired friend up ahead.

"Hey." Corrie said, feeling like she'd interrupted something.

"Where's Maddie?" asked Vinny, referring to Malorie's fraternal twin.

"Sick…" Corrie replied. "She may come later."

Just like it was a cue, Maddie pulled up in her black Focus. It wasn't a suitable car for her, in her grandmother's opinion. Actually, it wasn't a suitable car for anyone… it barely ran. Nevertheless, she was stuck with it. Maddie walked around to the back of the car and opened the trunk. Lying there, in the tiny space, was her tenor drums. She sighed, slipping the carrier over her head and onto her shoulders. After attaching the drums to her carrier, she shut the trunk and trudged towards the side entrance of the school.

"There she is now." Corrie said, pointing to the hooded figure that was her sister.

"Hey all." Maddie said, sniffing and removing tissues from her hoodie pocket.

Vinny took a look at his friend: black hoodie and black sweatpants. That wasn't much of a compliment to her blonde hair and blue-green eyes. "Interesting look today." He said, suppressing laughter.

"Watch it or I'll sneeze on you." Maddie threatened, almost positive she'd do it anyway… unintentionally, of course.

Corrie laughed a little. "You missed your first two finals already. What do you have next?"

"You're my sister and you don't know?" Maddie looked at her a little strange.

Malorie, feeling left out of the conversation, walked away without being noticed.

"I'm sorry if I have to keep track of my own schedule… seriously, what do you have next?" Corrie asked.

"Free period." Maddie stated.

"Lucky, you can make up your finals… as long as each doesn't take more than an hour." Corrie said.

These attempts to help me are getting kind of annoying. She can't save everyone. Maddie thought to herself.

Corrie looked at her twin, waiting for a response.

"Oh… yea, I guess I can." Maddie said. Anything to shut her up. She thought.

"Where'd Malorie go?" Vinny asked, wondering if they'd noticed he was still standing there.

"I thought she was with you." Maddie said.

"She probably just went to her class. After all, we ARE late." Corrie said, standing and stretching. "I'll see you guys after school. Later much."

Maddie sat on the bench, it was, after all, her free period.

On his way in, Vinny ran into Mark, one of his other friends. They were walking down the hallway when all of a sudden, Mark was flat on his back. Vinny looked up to see what had caused this, and he saw a girl with a set of tenor drums attached to her.

The girl set down the drums, "Are you okay?" she asked the two.

"I'm fine." Vinny said. "You didn't hit me."

"It's all good." Mark said, standing.

"Are you sure?" the girl asked. She was quite timid, shy, and worried.

"Yea, I'm fine. Don't worry about it. Nothing's broken or bleeding." Mark said.

"By the way, I'm Nicole. I'm sort of new. I started a week ago." The girl said, extending a hand to Mark.

Mark took it and said, "I'm Mark. I've been stuck here for three years." He joked, releasing her hand.

"I'm Vince, but my friends call me Vinny." Vinny introduced.

"Why?" she asked, clearly appalled by the childish nickname.

"Well, there are about 3 guys in this school that go by Vincent, and 2 that are named Vincent, but go by Vince. So, I'm Vinny." He explained.

"Oh, well, I have to get these back to the band room, but I'll see you around… Vinny." She smiled and walked away.

Mark whistled at Vinny.

"What?" Vinny asked.

"You are so oblivious." Mark said, and walked off.

Vinny stood there for a minute, trying to think. He then ran after Mark.

"What?" he kept repeating.