It's only one hour past midnight
I cannot sleep.
I lie in my bed
staring at the ceiling
thinking of all the things
I still need to do.

I get out of bed
and walk the floor
my thoughts all jumbled
beyond any control.

It's now
in the deep hours of the night
that these questions
disturbing questions
trouble me.

Why is there hate?
Why is there sorrow?
Why must good people suffer
because someone else
made an error?

It's not fair
it's not right
but if the world were fair
something whispers to me
where would you be?
You've made your share of mistakes.

I consider this statement
the hours passing by
then I return to my bed.

Three hours after midnight
I still cannot sleep.
I get up again
and stare out my window
asking myself again:
Why must the good suffer?

I know there is a God
but sometimes I wonder
why he would allow
terrible things to happen.

If we always had peace
and never knew sorrow
how could we be happy?

Comes the thought
gnawing at my reason.

I lie down again
determined to rest.
Tomorrow I must face the world.
I must get some sleep.

Fifth hour after midnight
I get up again.
I know He can stop it
halt all the evil in the world.
Why does He not?
Maybe so we can choose
and decide our own fates.

My heart ponders these words
as I return to my pillow.
Mercy instead of justice
bitter to know the sweet
Freedom to act to our will.

As my eyes close
my soul whispers softly:
It's all there for a purpose
someday we will know
why the world is the way it is.

Until then
we must do our best
to love
to help
to heal;
despite the pain and anguish
of our own hearts.

One day we will understand
and then,
it will all have been worth it.

It's the sixth hour after midnight
I have to get up
to face the world once again.
But this morning,
I am strangely at peace.

Yes, I feel I could
forgive one more grudge
lend an extra hand
shed a few more tears.
It'll all be worth it